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Listing Options

A company looking to raise capital from the public by listing its shares has two options—the standard and popular IPO (Initial Public Offering) process or the direct listing process – DLP or via Reverse Take Over – RTO

With IPOs, the company uses the services of intermediaries called investment bankers, underwriters, who facilitate the IPO process and charge a fees an commission for their work.

Smaller companies or startups that want to do a public listing may need a more affordable option than hiring expensive underwriters. They often choose the direct listing process, a less-expensive option than an IPO.

DLP is also known as Direct Placement, or Direct Public Offering – DPO. In this process, the company sells shares directly to the public without getting help from intermediaries.

Our Role: Pre-IPO

Pre-IPO Assessment – including business plan, valuation, quantitative and qualitative test, highlight all compliance issue and recommend solutions.

Setting financial road mapimplement and monitoring.

Identify a suitable market to list, for example Bursa Malaysia Ace Market, Singapore SGX Catalist, Hong Kong GEM, Australia NSX / ASX, London AIM, US OTC Market , Nasdaq – best for the client’s industry and file for initial public offerings to general market or via placement.

Pre-IPO Fund Raising to fund the listing expenses and working capital to increase the company’s bottom line, hence it’s share offering price.

Private Placement. We introduce our clients to our vast network of investment funding sources, venture capital, private equities, institutional funds, investment bankers and licensed broker-dealers.

Our Role: IPO

  • Assemble and lead the IPO Team;
  • Structuring the IPO process, timeline and business organisation;
  • Manage the due diligence;
  • Work with the investment bankers / broker-dealers on roadshows and fund raising activities;
  • Working with the professionals to produce and lodge the prospectus;
  • Assists in Investor briefings and roadshows.

Our Role: Post-IPO

  • Plan and prepare investor relations programmes
  • Advise on post­-IPO activities

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