Project Cost: RM2Mil

Amount Invested : None

Amount Required : RM2Mil

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

real estate

Project Stage:


Company History:

Pioneer to start property development project. This venture works for those angel investors who wish to explore profitable development business in Cambodia.

Product / Service Description:

I plan to work as a fund manager. We have projects that requires RM 2M to build 10 two-story houses in Cambodia. And plan to sell 300K each. The whole process would take up to 2 years to fully complete selling all units. Our team will take 20% of total returns. Based on our study, angel investors could benefit between 20 to 28 % per annum. Angel investors can exit the project within no longer than 2.5 years.

Business Opportunity:

We see opportunity in higher quality residential development. If we could accumulate such fund:

-we deliver units with 10% to 20% cheaper
-Quality development that many developers ignore
-Improve Exterior and Interior design
-We no longer tie with bank assessment of loan application with tedious process and high interest rate.

We wish to share great return to investors that have similar vision.

Revenue Model:

We buy empty land, build residential bloc, sell at a reasonable price.
The price sensitivity and trust is the foundation of building business. Buyers won’t buy house without seeing 50% to 100% completed house ( Cambodian sentiments). Within 2 years, all 10 Units ( per project) would be sold out.

Management Team:

This is me who would manage the fund. I find any plot of Land, prepare the building plan, calculate total development cost (from season developers), look for investors, prepare financial cash flow, seek property agent to sell units. I will work as the networking professional who know where to get fund, pass to developers who will develop as planned, and secure profits for investors.

Current Status:

Work as Business Intelligence Consultant in KL. Have been doing seasonal agricultural product holding and sell it during high demand. 30K invested, 18% percent returns in 6-10 Months

Funding Milestone: To be discussed

Business Valuation:

To make the process simple, the investors are the actual owner of all equity bought under the project. I would prefer to act as temporary name owner whereas all legal documents would be held by investor.

Expected Return On Investment:

Based on the calculation. Investors should get at least 20% to 28% return on investment. The whole project should be completed with 2 years but not up to 3 years. The deal will ends there.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Every stage of financial transaction, investors should get hold of major financial cash flow. Even though the equity is under me as the acting owner, the legal documents should be kept by investors. I would try to purely manage the fund.

Exit Strategies:

Within 2 years:

-If all units is sold, investors will get returns and all investment deposits, I will get my commission too.
-If some still unsold, their should be a discussion prior to development, I wish to hear what investors would want or do.


S O Oudom (
Company Name: n/a
Postal Address : H05-01-02 Pantai Hilpark phase 2
Kirinchi , Kuala Lumpur
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 59200
Country : Malaysia

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