RedPuck Eco Retail That Save the World, Benefits the Busy and Help the Poor.

RedPuck Eco Retail That Save the World, Benefits the Busy and Help the Poor.

Project Cost: RM300k – RM500k

Amount Invested : 0

Amount Required : RM300k – RM500k

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as consultant

tourism / hospitality
restaurants / f&b
consumer goods
industry products
others (Marketing Strategist )

Project Stage:


Company History:

I’m Vinci Tan, a Marketing Strategist from Penang Malaysia. My profession can be considered as rare in Malaysia and valuable in overseas. I’m good in making concepts and ideas tangible, extremely well in creating Limited Edition of products and market them with great strategy.

Product / Service Description:

The ultimate achievement of my ideas will not only save the earth, make convenience for the busy and also help the poor to live better. All started from simple yet practical idea on daily/ grocery products in Retail Industry.

Business Opportunity:

Recycle: I turn trash into cash
Deliver: I bring grocery products to areas that main player won’t want to serve
Convenience: I bring convenience to busy urban worker

60% of Malaysian still live on less than RM1600 each month, daily/ grocery products subsidy are the key to make living better, that’s the market.

Revenue Model:

There are two ways to make money:

1) Consumer buys daily/ grocery products from the retail store for direct profits.

2) Consumer get cash rebate by giving purchased goods packaging and packaging boxes, container or etc will be selling to recycle factory/ collectors.

Management Team:


Current Status:

Ideas and Plan formed

Funding Milestone:

Phase 1: 1 Branch 1 Warehouse
Phase 2: 3 Delivery and Mobile Store
Phase 3: 3 Branches 1 Warehouse
Phase 4: 3 Delivery and Mobile Store

*Every 10 delivery and mobile store will establish additional warehouse, Targeting to achieve 70 deliver and mobile stores.
*Targeting to achieve 40 outlets around Malaysia

Business Valuation:

Start off cost around RM250k

Based on the vast experience in Retail Management System Providing industry with all the information and data.

Expected Return On Investment:

In retail industry, the profits mostly range from 150%-400%.
The amount of ROI will be subject to the investor agreement on the profits sharing term.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:


Exit Strategies:

Outlets and Warehouse are considered as assets, investor can get back the investment by selling it off. Trucks and Van although considered as liability but it the progress will earn back the cost of the vehicles. Sell it off with second handed rate can be considered as profits as well. Goods are all daily needed products, it will be extremely easy to release.


Vinci Tan (
Company Name: RedPuck
Postal Address : 28, Jalan Nirwana
Taman Nirwana.
State : Pulau Pinang
Post Code : 14000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 60124253659
Mobile: 60124253659