Revolutionary multiplayer global online Card Game seeking for investors and funding

Revolutionary multiplayer global online Card Game seeking for investors and funding

Project Cost: RM1+ million

Amount Invested : RM 15k+

Amount Required : RM1 million

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing
other (Gaming Industry)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as consultant
others (Passive or Dormant)

informatics / multimedia
others (Gaming)

Project Stage:


Company History:

I have an Engineering background and possess experience with software programming for more than 10+ years. There are various gaming related software pieces that I’ve done over the same period of time.

Product / Service Description:

Tome of Midas or T.O.M. for short is a revolutionary online multiplayer card game which is aimed at a global audience. It is a game designed, conceptualized and made to cater to all ages and gender group.

Business Opportunity:

The various mechanics, functionality, and features which are available in T.O.M. is different than any conventional card games which are currently in the market. The gaming market has been growing at a linear rate every single year. It is estimated that in 2012, 93 billion USD was spent by consumers in both physical and software gaming related products.

Based on the current statistics of people who play games around the world, there are around 34% of those who plays puzzle and related card games. So now, since there are about 2.4 billion household (source : users who has access to the internet where 50%+ of them plays or has play games in their lifetime, that gives us a 1.2 billion households. With that number at hand, 34% of it yields 408 million. Now, further downplay the size of users who actually plays games and pays for it or actually has a working system to support it, 10% is a fair estimation, so that further provides us with a number of 40 million households. Then, we’ll need to further divide the possible customers that we’ll be catching their attention, give it another 10% and that leaves us with a potential 4 million household.

In short, the potential of clients that the game can reach out is at millions of users.

Revenue Model:

To understand how my game can earn a profit, since it is a free-to-play (a ftp game always catches the largest share of people in the market) card game, I’ve developed a ‘store’ area where players can use their real money to purchase additional cards, avatar (hero) cosmetics, other related social and game products. The prices of the offered products can be flexibly adjusted when needed. Do note that even if an account spends a mere $10.00 USD in their lifetime while playing the game, since there are hundreds of thousands or millions of players, the net profit after all deduction is still at the range of millions USD.

Management Team:

Currently I’m the sole person involved and coordinating the design and development of the game with some help provided from close friends and relatives.

Current Status:

Most of the investment made in my product up to the current point comes solely from my own savings. There is yet to have any realized revenue or profit since it is still in its development stage.

Funding Milestone:

1. First Stage (6 to 10 months) (40%)
– Procurement of equipments and human resources
– Further development in the game engine and other related mechanics
– Conversion of the game to full 3D capable
– Further development on the Server
– Graphics and sounds
– Development of Database and other required systems
– Game testing

2. Second Stage (2 months) (25%)
– Development of all the necessary software and systems to fully functional
– System integrity check, integration, and stability
– Graphics and sounds
– Game testing

3. Third Stage (Vary) (10%)
– Release of close beta, necessary servers, database and all other related equipments must be further procured
– Game testing at a larger scale
– Fixation of bugs, exploits, errors, and other related complications

4. Fourth Stage (Vary) (10%)
– Release of the game in open beta, necessary equipments are further procured
– Game testing at an even larger scale
– Fixation of bugs, exploits, errors, and other related complications
– Marketing, sales, advertising, and etc.

5. Final Stage (15%)
– Game release
– Marketing, sales, advertising, and etc.

Business Valuation: To be negotiable

Expected Return On Investment: More than 300% (both long and short term combined)

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

There are very little risk involved as there are only 2 large global competitors currently in the market. And since it is an online game, the global reach for customers or potential clients at any time of the day is extremely flexible.

Exit Strategies: To be negotiable


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