Business Concepts

Revozon site is a site consists of social platform and marketplace platform. The main thing Revozon doing is to indulge in Revozon’s marketplace to make the platform better. The social platform can be treating as a “Facebook” or “Google+” clone. The reason I emphasize on Revozon’s marketplace because the platform is easy to scale to become next “”, “”, even “”. This will further bring the Revozon’s social platform to enter social media market. All people are buyers; they buy for daily use, buy and sell, buy to enrich their lives.

Revozon exist to help sellers to sell by target at specific people based on buyers or communities interest and buyers will instantly get notice on new products they interested listed on Revozon’s marketplace via their profile, home page. Now, buyers and sellers can now buy and sell more effectively and efficiently through our system.

Revenue Model

1) Members who sell in Revozon’s Marketplace

Useful application is provided by us to guide the seller. We will build various features and applications that suit certain seller’s wishes. For instant, we will
provide application for seller who wants to know their numbers, example: profit, lost, margin, etc.

2) Members who advertise in

Charging members by cost per click (CPC). CPC is the sum paid by an advertiser to Revozon Network for a single click on their advertisement, which
directs one visitor to the advertiser’s website.

3) Company who advertise on once the Revozon scale.

Charging on company once we merge with Job matching engine, Social group buying, Social group selling, B2C or even B2B in Revozon’s marketplace.

Competitive advantage

Competitors: My main competitors would be marketplace site, auction site, as well as e-commerce companies.

What makes different?

1) Marketplace platform for easy scaling.
2) Social platform allows members to connect/know new people.
3) Grouping feature enhance the privacy demand by public. For seller, is easy to let his buyers to get more attention on his store and products.
4) Organise in manner. For Ex: users can share as many as videos and collect in videos platform where they can view back anytime they want.

Currently rank 2,761 in Malaysia according to although have not yet launch.
Contact Information
Choo Beng Aik(Derrick)
014-6611 305