Rice Bran Oil in Sri Lanka

Rice Bran Oil in Sri Lanka

Project Cost: 391,850.69

Amount Invested : No

Amount Required : No

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Sielent)

Industry: manufacturing

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

I selected Rice Bran Oil Plant because of the oil benefits, can be produce lower in price than other oils and very low competition for this industry and it don’t harm to environment. Rice Bran Oil Factory is new to Sri Lanka but the Oil is becoming very demand in the international market because of its benefits and taste. Sri Lanka’s population is over 20 million and there is whole variety of oil exclude rice bran oil in the market. Many people still don’t know about rice bran oil in Sri Lanka, since sell rice bran to India to make oil. At now there are two companies have started to build a rice bran oil plant in Sri Lanka.

I have a background in rice mill industry and studied lot of about what kind of rice bran has high oil lead, about machineries about the market include local and international and lot. The main machineries have to import from china and I have select from the one of the best rice bran oil plant producing company. It will take whole together 90 days to install the plant. My goal is to produce minimum 444.444 Ton oil at the first year. Sell our products whole the parts in Sri Lanka where oil is used and making our products as one of the best selling oil in Sri Lanka and best rice bran oil in the international market.

This business plan is created by my self with the help of an accountant. I have included whole expenses that can be possibly happen and maximize the amount of expenses. The net profit I have reduced to minimum amount can be obtained after reducing the expenditures and taxes. I have included miscellaneous income which can be obtained by selling remaining products after making oil. I pleased to explain the every segment if needed and please see the references which I have included to know more about the product.

Contact Person

Muhammed Hakeem ( meekah87@yahoo.com)
Postal Address : 111,Mullegama,Ambatanne
State : Central
Post Code : 20000
Country : Sri Lanka
Telephone :
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Mobile: +94773659299