Interested in any simple viable biz

Interested in any simple viable biz

Investment Interest : Any
Business Size : Small to Medium
Prefer Location : Any
Investment Amount : RM 200,000 to RM 300,000

I am looking for a simple viable potentially challenging & demanding business, reflecting wholesale operation requiring daily demands in high volumes. I have financial administration skills and would like a hands-on role.


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Azlinawati Posted on1:32 pm - 20/12/2018

Our main focus is to supply and distribute various items to such as Flame Retardant Coverall, Industrial Jacket, T-Shirts,
Corporate Uniform, Computer Embroidery, and T-Shirt Printing Services.

Besides, we also provide corporate souvenirs, gifts and become one stop center for any event or celebration.

Please let me know if you’re keen for these investment. Thanks

I can be contacted at mobile: or

I am delighted to send you the whole proposal of my business.