Private Investor provide land as collateral for potential businesses

Private Investor provide land as collateral for potential businesses

Min Investment Amount : RM500K

Max Investment Amount : RM2mil

Prefered location : Malaysia

Proposed Involvement: full time / part-time

Industry Preference: All

Investment Stage Preference:
early expansion
second stage expansion
merger & acquisition

Investor Profile:

Looking for company seeking fund for expansion. Any business with sound and good ROI will be consider. Short term or Long term also consider.

Funding is around RM500k to RM2mil.

We will provide land as collateral for potential busineses to bank for cash capital. I will come out with land as third party charger. Land is worth RM4mil and can loan u to RM2mil. The applicant will need to apply loan with their banker. (this is our calculated risk if they default)

The applicant will need to bear all the interest and of course to include into my profit as well. I would prefer cash profit. We will definitely sign a business agreement on this. Both lawyer will go thru all the details.

In summary, I would say it is much suitable for businessman with existing business. So, when they need to expand their business, they will go to bank for loan. But bank definitely need collateral and the businessman have no property to charge. This is where I will come in to provide my land to them.

As for me, this will be my calculated risk as bank will screen thru the applicant. Applicant will have the responsible since they need to do the repayment or else they will go default. And for my investment, I invest in RM4mil, what is my return in %?

As for how long I would prefer to park my fund for them. This will have to depends on their proposal. If project, then goes by project basic. If property, then goes by property. If manufacturing, then need to go thru their flow.

At the end, once they settle all the repayment and loan, I will remove myself as their financial investor.

Investor Code: 10077

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