RM500K – RM5mil PROSPER Pemborong scheme (PUNB)

RM500K – RM5mil PROSPER Pemborong scheme (PUNB)

Suitable for:-

Bumiputera entrepreneurs who are keen to venture or expand their wholesale distribution or supply business

What it offers:-

Shari’ah compliant financing products
Financing from RM500,000 to RM5,000,000
Payment tenure up to 7 years
Corporate Development & Monitoring Support
Entrepreneur Development & Training

Eligibility criteria

1. Entrepreneur

Must possess strong entrepreneurial characteristics like honesty, confidence, resilience, positive mind and attitude, creativity and strong self-discipline
Knowledgeable in the business or having the experience in existing business or has secure a contract / rights to distribute / supply the goods
Able to provide at least 20% of the total project cost
No unfavourable record with any financial institutions
Fully committed to the business
Willing to attend the courses related to the business identified from time to time

2. Business

Must be in wholesale, distribution or supply
Owned and managed by Bumiputera
Strong growth potential that provides synergy to the retail

Eligible business activities

PUNB offers funding opportunity in the following areas of the business:

Food equipment / supply
Engineering spare parts and machinery
Agriculture- based products
Pharmaceutical and health care products & devices
Cosmetics and herbal based products
Textile based products
Other suitable businesses related to the retail business

Application process

REGISTRATION – Application register and sits for Suitability Assessment test (If Business Plan Already Submitted to PUNB)

BUSINESS PLAN WORKSHOP – Applicant attends Business Plan Workshop

SUBMIT THE BUSINESS PLAN – Submit the completed business plan to for PUNB’s consideration

INITIAL ASSESSMENT – PUNB will discuss with the applicant for more information and better comprehension of the proposal. This assessment focuses on five (5) key business areas: product, market, management, operation and finance.

BUSINESS PLAN PRESENTATION – After favourable initial assessment, the applicant required to make a presentation to PUNB’s Evaluation Committee which will assess the proposal’s five (5) key business areas and the applicant’s investment criteria

FINANCING APPROVAL – Approval by the PUNB investment committee

DOCUMENT PREPARATION – Applicant is required to undergo documentation process relating to financing term and conditions

MANDATORY COURSES – Applicant is required to attend all the compulsory courses set by PUNB prior to the fund disbursement

FUND DISBURSEMENT & IMPLEMENTATION – Once the documentation and fund disbursement conditions are fulfilled, PUNB will channel the fund to the enterprise for the intended purposes. PUNB will monitor the business implementation to ensure the fund is used to achieve the business targets