PROSPER Usahawan Muda scheme offers financing between RM5k to RM100k for you to start up your business.

Suitable for:-

Young Bumiputera who are keen to venture into business

What it offers:-

Shari’ah compliant financing products

Amount of financing
i. INDIVIDUAL From RM5,000 to RM50,000
ii. PARTNERSHIP Up to RM100,000

Payment tenure up to 7 years
Corporate Development & Monitoring Support
Entrepreneur Development & Training

Eligibility criteria

1. Candidate

Not more than 33 years old in age on the date of registration.
Willing to attend all programmes organised by PUNB

2. Business

100% owned and managed by Bumiputera entrepreneur.
New or expanding business.

Eligible focus business

  • Telecommunication & Computer Peripherals
  • Education
  • Distribution & Wet Market
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Confectionary & Food Stall
  • Cosmetic & Beauty Services
  • Metal Equipment & Building Material
  • Photocopy & Printing
  • Books & Stationary
  • Home Furnishing
  • Automotive

Application process

  1. Participant registers and attends Entrepreneurial Suitability Assessment Session
  2. Participant attends Business Proposal Course (optional)
  3. Participant submits Business Proposal to PUNB for evaluation
  4. Participant presents Business Proposal
  5. Approval of the financing
  6. Participant attends PROSPER Usahawan Muda Entrepreneurial Certificate Course (3 Days)
  7. Disbursement and implementation (if all the required documents and terms has been fulfilled)

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