Project Cost: n/a

Amount Invested : None

Amount Required : RM150,000 and above

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia
others (Social Fashion E-commerce)

Project Stage:


Company History:

Stezon Liew, with his two partners Sue Lin Teo and Phillip Choong. They are all digital professionals, specializing in digital design, digital marketing and solutions architecture respectively. With all these expertise, they make a well rounded team. Through their experience in the digital industry and passion in fashion, they have determined a problem in the online fashion world.

Founders Background:

Stezon Liew:
Sue Lin Teo:
Phillip Choong:

Product / Service Description: is a social shopping platform, aimed to integrate the online fashion journey, providing a seamless service and experience to not just for fashion consumers but also social users, and not just for fashion brands but also influencers.

Users with their own profiles will get to discover the latest fashion trends, shop online from different brands, socialise with friends, fashion icons and brands, then even earn shopping credits when they socialise. Imagine, the more the users socialise, the more they’re rewarded, and the more they can buy!

Brands with profiles on will have the ability to reach out to their relevant target market, share their updates with them, engage users through conversation, market their products, convert users into purchasers, inspire loyalty, and even turn the users into their own personal army of ambassadors.

Business Opportunity:

The typical user journey is such; to search the latest fashion trends, compare products, finally purchasing, sharing pictures of the purchase socially, and some even sell them online. These 5 functions currently have to be done through 5 different means, and no one has yet to meet the users’ needs for all 5 functions on one platform. By providing a solution for a seamless fashion content consumption and online social shopping experience with the purpose of facilitating a fashion community that literally profits from social activities, we aim to leverage on an opportunity for long term revenue growth. 4 indirect competitor brands to this project have obtained a total of over 16 million members to their site.


Company Name: RUBBERNECK
Country : Malaysia
Website :
Mobile: 012-588 5407