Project Title A Lifestyle Media Portal with High impact at low operating cost
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM30,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description With the advent of the internet and social media , Traditional media especially print media has had a hard time converting their brands to digital formats. As old school mentality pushes them to start high cost Websites at a time where competitions is high and readers attention are focused on very specific niches. Also revenue value of digital advertising continues to drop.

Imagine producing good quality content at low cost in turn generating revenue from cheap add sales and making a profit.

Business Opportunity The idea is simple, Build a site with engaging and participative readership, operating at costs which will make cheap add sales at (40 to 60 percent lower) than the current competition profitable.
Revenue / Business Model A multi- tier add sales offering via the site and it’s social media channels.
Management Team Sarah Mai (editor),

Reuben Ravi (operations),

Company Background was Established in January 2014, and over the years have a acquired a strong readership with 360,000 views a year and social media presences that focuses on the 20 Р35 year old upmarket demographic.
Funding Milestone An amount of 210K will be need for the 1st year with an additional 210K for the 2nd year. Where it will be used as follows,
– 30% content development
– 40% sales and marketing
– 20% operations
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 15% a year after 2nd year
Exit Strategies If general targets are not met investor may exit after the 1st year.
Company Name
Business Address 193 Jalan 8 Taman Tan Yew Lai 58200 KL
Contact Person Reuben Ravi