Sand Mining/Trading opportunity by Banking professional

Sand Mining/Trading opportunity by Banking professional

Project Cost: RM 3,000,000

Amount Invested : RM 15,000

Amount Required : RM 2,985,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing
other (Anything goes including sleeping partner)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant
others (As preferred by Investor)

others (Constructon sand mining/trading)

Project Stage:


Company History:

Banking professional. Experienced in International Corporate Banking for 3 years. Knowledgeable in Business Credit. Exposed to Indochina markets and well known to niche markets. Managed accounts for International Corporates and also played role as business and strategic advisor.

Product / Service Description:

Having huge land plots in Malaysia, where the State Government has issued tender for sand mining. Planning to obtain the contract with RM2.5 million minimum deposits. Frequency of sand refilling is high, hence production rate wouldn’t be effected. Target is to obtain the land as soon as possible if can, or if it’s to late, will move to plan B where to buy sand from the contractors which is at very low price.

Business Opportunity:

As well known, demand for construction sand is always there. However, due to my experience in Indochina markets, I’m capable to establish dealings. Moreover, I’m being received demand from European markets for a huge quantity with good price. Problem in the industry is very mild, except for the large CAPEX for startup.

Revenue Model:

Plan A: If land is acquired from the government, construction can begun. Quarrying of sand will be with given to contractors of assets (excavators, etc…) with rental for a cheaper cost. Sand will be loaded into barge in nearby port and shipped to destination. Buyers are there ready to sign Purchase Order, but supplier need to be ready with enough resources to gain trust. As per my cash flow projection, breakeven is 6 months considering the business is well funded.

Management Team:

Me as the Partner (stakeholder) willing to take full responsibility as the Managing Director in order to provide commitment. But as a startup, I’ll need time to form an operational team first to run the business. Next stage of growth will be recruiting professionals to form teams such as business development, accounting & financing, etc to grow the business.

Current Status:

The request is for seed financing. Business plan and operation plan is ready but couldn’t be executed due to financial limits. Business is yet to be established.

Funding Milestone: nil

Business Valuation: Negotiable.

Expected Return On Investment:

Double in 12 months maximum (can be sooner if Plan A is success). Prift margin is more than 6 times the investment amount.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Investment amount 100% will be in custody or authority of the Investor only. Cash outflow will only occur if contract is established with buyers and obtained purchase order. L/C, TR or other banking facilities will be requested from banks to safeguard the transactions related to trade. Company will be fully transparent to Investor regarding cash flow, trades, and strategy.

Exit Strategies:

No withdrawal or dividend will be declared by the company within 12 months of operation. Investor however, can exit the business anytime because the money will still be in the business.


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