We address the increased demand by institutional and high net worth investors for investments in the Alternative Investments asset class by providing our clients with access to strategic investment vehicles within this class. Our goal is to help our clients diversify their portfolios in a way that maximizes return and minimizes risk.

Just at a time when our country’s existence is beset with a natural, cyclical downturn, we are faced with political and social problems that affect our economic lives even further. In this time of increasing pressure on portfolio performance, we see the need for a focused, professional, and experienced institutional effort. The demand for creative investment ideas exists now more than ever. Our experienced research staff is devoted to idea generation that makes our clients money.

We focus our research and attention on small to middle market companies that have escaped the radar of our larger competitors.

Nurturing ideas and growth

At SCS Capital, we exist to help innovative entrepreneurs with ideas to enhance the quality of life.

From incubating to proven technologies, we recruit only the best and brightest, with focus on nanotechnology, consumer products, industrial equipment, food and beverages, healthcare services, education, IT services, logistics and industrial support services.

How We Can Help

As a leader in the private investor equity growth sector, SCS Capital’s primary area of investment is in the emerging markets such as Malaysia, China, as well as established markets such as United States, here we focus our attention on three sectors of expertise; information technology, biotechnology and service outsourcing.

Our investment strategy looks to expand small and mid-sized companies with established business models, showing high growth rates and with the potential for a large market share.

It is our strategy to help companies achieve their potential attaining highly profitable positions with a large market share. Typically SCS Capital will be the main investor with up to $10 million shareholding in the company, allowing us to work in close partnership with our portfolio of companies.


At SCS Capital our objective is to maintain a competitive market position. With exclusive focus on finding talented entrepreneurs developing new technologies and services. SCS Capital has invested in key early stage technologies building successful companies in the sector.

We understand the unique nature of technology start-up companies, providing guidance nurturing the company throughout their growth. As a result such companies refer to SCS Capital as a trusted partner in their investment and growth strategies with a shared vision for success. This has resulted in a significant number of returning entrepreneurs working with SCS Capital.

SCS Capitals investment commitments is demonstrated in many ways. we provide strategic guidance in critical areas of growth with our portfolio Companies. Helping to build dynamic management teams, navigation of markets to secure follow-on financing.


Here at SCS Capital we prefer investing in a company in it’s early stages of development. This occurs usually in the first round of institutional financing. However there are occasions should our criteria be met that we will consider funding from a companies inception through to latter stages of funding. SCS Capital prefers early stage funding as it allows long-term relationships to be created with successful entrepreneurs. SCS Capital will always welcome an opportunity to be associated with new ventures even in companies where funding is not required for several months.

SCS Capital’s job is to help support companies with the potential, helping to raise capital through financing for growth and development. Additionally SCS Capital believes that through dedicated focus a network of relationships can be built with institutional and individual investors. The ability of SCS Capital to access relevant investors leads to a significant advantage over the competition; this of course is advantageous for both our clients and the companies being invested in. SCS Capital guides our clients throughout the entire capital raising procedure.

Financing and Fundraising

Any transaction needs to be marketed correctly in a competitive environment as to appear as a suitable investment for investors. SCS Capital assists the arrangement of presentation as part of our due diligence procedure. Clients and their attorneys are assisted by SCS Capital in attaining the most favorable terms and conditions. Our success can be attributed to the close relationships forged in the business and financial communities. Our excellent relationships with investment bankers and other financial institutions gives us a significant and flexible advantage in arranging financing. Typical financing comes from combinations of debt and high yield securities provided by the banking sector and other financial institutions, along with equity provided through private equity investors.

Due to the difficult nature of fund raising initial financing can be the hardest aspect of a new company launch. Start-up companies are continuously on the search for new capital which is rarely gained with great ease. Successful entrepreneurs understand this as a fact of life in promoting any start-up venture.