Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM500,000
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description We are planning to open a food and beverage business. This is involving fine dining as well as leisure/casual evenings. This will cater to all types of people especially the business class group to hold their meetings and conferences in our venue. We have plans to open it by the Johor coastline by the seaside to bring the relaxing atmosphere to the patrons. Furthermore there will be an open top bar to cater to the younger crowd for the evenings. We will also have a mobile food truck to cater to the industrial section for lunch servings. We have an estimated 100k ready customers to be served in this industrial section every day.
Business Opportunity With Johor poised as the next gem in Peninsular Economy growth and with the key developments in the state under Iskandar Development Corridor , we are strongly believing that our concept of fine dining will be taken to the next level with our concepts . We have generated mass market attention via surveys on how to capitalise on the F&B market as well as ready customers in the industrial sector for our Mobile Truck Food Business.
Revenue / Business Model With our planning and execution we are expecting triple returns in 3 years time as well as expansion to Singapore market too .
Management Team We have a strong management team of 5 top level execs and our top notch marketing team.
With new expansion growth we are planning to recruit more to join our company .
Company Background We started this company on Aug 2014 and has been growing ever since on our consultation business’s and mass multilevel marketing projects.
Funding Milestone We require around Rm 2 million to Rm 3 million to make this concept a reality as soon as possible as the market in Johor is really heating and growing as we speak.
Majority of the funds will be used for development physically of the venue and as well as manpower and service enhancing cost.
Expected ROI We are willing to pay an annual interest of 4% on the total investment yearly
Risks and Mitigation We will be proposing a five year repayment plan with the interest being paid annually first and the initial investment paid at the last year of financing .
To top it we are proposing a 25% profit sharing as well to the investor yearly.
Exit Strategies The investor may stay after full repayment of the investment for the continued profit sharing of 25% in the revenue of the business or may have the option to quit the agreement upon complete settlement of the investment by us.
Business Address JOHOR BAHRU
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