Project Cost: RM5M

Amount Invested : RM420K

Amount Required : RM2M

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor

biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage:
early expansion


Company History:

The company was founded in 2011. Owned by 100% Malaysians with various experiences in Research & Development, Production and Marketing. It began as a company that focus on research and development for seaweed-based food product, but then evolved to become a manufacturer of xxx Seaweed Noodle.

Product / Service Description:

A food product that has a cosmetics and health value, that fit to the people lifestyles.

Business Opportunity:

We are offering a healthy alternative to consumer for spaghetti and instant noodle. This is two of a massive industry for Asian markets. Through our 4 years market research and monitoring and supported by the data results from our respective consultant, there is no such industries existed yet. Secondly, this product is a ground breaking product where it can be regarded as a first cosmetics noodle.

Revenue Model:

This product has few way to enter to the local market (Market). Firstly, through normal F&B channel, Secondly, through Beauty & Cosmetics channel, and Thirdly through Health channel.

Each of the market segment can be breakdown to the more specific categories such as Childrens Foods, Weight Loss Products and Cosmetic Companies, Luxury Hotels, Fine Dining, Restaurants, Health & Beauty Saloon, Commercial Flight, Luxury Cruise and many more.

Plus, for every segment of the market, this product can be rebranded according to it’s target consumer group.

Current Status:

We are now in the point of commercialising the product to the mass utilising proper marketing channel. We also want to build a proper proper facility before entering the market and also focusing on the cosmetic and beauty market. The amount of money that had been invested into this project is RM420,000.00. Currently we have a distributor in Kuala Lumpur area with monthly constant order. Work in pipe line is for our client in Bandung, Jakarta catering AEON Indonesia and a Trading Company for China market.

Funding Milestone: The Funding will be used for the machineries, rolling capital and marketing.

Machineries: RM800K
Rolling Capital: RM500K
Marketing: RM500K

Business Valuation:

We are allocating of up to 10% depending on the investment value and mutual agreement. Our proposal are based on the amount of time, money that had been invested plus our expertist as the only company with special method to extract the seaweeds nutrition. Also, the ready potential market that we have identified.

Expected Return On Investment:

We expect to get the ROI within 18-24 month of the project.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

We have 4 years experienced in handling manufacturing and the downstream chain of the products. The challenge is in doing the best and cost effective marketing effort plus proper manufacturing facilites. We are in good relations with various government agency such as SMECorp, MTDC, BioNexus, MOSTI and TERAJU. These agencies are going to support all necessary infrastructures and facilities needed for manufacturing purpose.

Exit Strategies:

Investor can buyback shares after 18 month at the current value or in the worse case scenario, at the initial funding value.