Project Cost: RM200,000

Amount Invested : RM100,000

Amount Required : RM100,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance, sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor, as consultant

Industry: restaurants / f&b

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

I’m working with a partner who is an entrepreneur and running a film production company. We have about 4-5 months worth of experience in running an arab concept restaurant previously before starting this restaurant

Product / Service Description:

The restaurant concept is based on middle eastern food. Staffs and cook are from yemen. We plan to make current restaurant as a central kitchen and supply to kiosks and food courts daily around klang valley. We also planned for local delivery around pj area. Future planning include to have our restaurant and concept franchised to public via PNB

Business Opportunity:

We are the sole arabic restaurant around pj area. As you know, the market potential in pj is huge as there are lots of housing area and offices. Currently we had been running based on regular customer from previous owner which are mostly foreign (middle east) student.

Revenue Model:

Money will be based on daily sales of food. We will leverage the cost by having a centralized kitchen to cook and supply to vendors that own a kiosk around klang valley area. We are also offering catering function and food delivery services(around pj area) and will get into government tender as well

Management Team:

I myself is a doctor by profesion and had experience in running online business for past 2 years and about 4 months experience in f&b.
My partner is an entrepreneur with experience more than 20 years in various business ventures partly finance, film production, hotelier and f&b

Current Status:

We had buy over the company owning the restaurant and currently had spent about 150000 to buy over the company, re-branding, minor renovation and overhead costs. Unfortunately since starting we still running at loss but slowly picking up as time goes by. We are projecting daily sales between 3-4k in the next 2 months as we just started marketing.

Funding Milestone:

Fund given will be allocated into(according to priority) :
1. Settlement of debts (reducing the overhead incured)
2. Marketing (boosting the local community awareness and increase sales in the next 4 months)
3. Increasing/upgrading the cutlery and tables/chairs (in coping with the projected increase in customer)
4. Cahsflow for at least 3 months (backup for the first 3 month)
5. Minor renovation

Business Valuation:

Looking at 2 options here:
1. Profit sharing basis where 10% = 40000
With maximum share offered is 20%
(based on our forecast sales in the next 3 months and future value for the restaurant )

2. Share holders basis where 10% = 100000 with maximum share offered is 20%
(based on the company paid up capital)

Expected Return On Investment:

About 10% ROI if based on 3k sales daily for next 2 years

Investment Risk and Mitigation: Can be discussed

Exit Strategies:

1. Profit sharing can be bind with 2 years contract.
2. For share holder, can sell the share ownership to the company back in 2 years according to current share value. in case the business not doing well, we can sell off the restaurant + goodwill and the money will be distributed according to share.


Mohamad ezran (
Company Name: Arab star group sdn bhd
Postal Address : G001, Millenium square, jalan 14/1,seksyen 14, petaling jaya
State : Selangor
Post Code : 46100
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0125204002
Website : FB: arabiya restaurant
Mobile: 0125204002


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