Project Cost: RM150K

Amount Invested : RM50K

Amount Required : RM100K

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as consultant
others (Silent Partner)

Industry: consumer goods

Project Stage:


Company History:

3B Wonderland(Name of the shop)is a start-up company that focus on retailing children toys. 3B Wonderland is a privately held Shallee Enterprise which is located in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, the principal shareholders are Dr Sharan and Uphallee. Uphallee’s family runs 1 Mini Market, 1 Gift Shop and 5 Barber Shops on their own properties. All these businesses located in Bandar Baru Bangi itself. Uphallee’s family has been in retail business for more than 30 years and one of the pioneer in Bangi.

Product / Service Description:

The 3B Wonderland is a retail shop which sells toys which includes action figures, educational toys, transportation toys, puzzles & games toys, art & crafts toys, baby toys, and many more. The shop will be located at Seksyen 3, Bandar Baru Bangi on Uphallee’s property. The shop is strategically located 1 KM to Bangi/UKM plus toll, 2 KM to UKM, 1 KM to nearest school, and many educational institution. The size of the retail shop is approximately 800ft2.

Business Opportunity:

Shallee will target three different market segmet:
Men customer will typically make up 20% (Lego, Action Figures, Educational toys)
Children customer will make up 70% (Many Toys)
Women customer will cover the balance 10% (Baby Toys & Educational toys)


3B Wonderland wants to set itself apart from other toy shops that may offer typical toys retailing. We want to connect to the customers and create a bond with the customers by organizing marketing campaigns. Current competitors;
1) Toy Shop A in Bangi Gateway Mall (1 KM away). Toys sale in this shop varies from Lego and transportation toys only.
2) Toy Shop B in Bangi Gateway Mall. Cheap China toys.

Revenue Model:

Sales Forecast: RM 10,000 – RM 15,000 per month. Hours of Operation: 6 or 7 days a week (10 am to 9 pm), Marketing Strategy: Word of mouth, Lucky Draw, free gift, vouchers, advertising.

Management Team:

In the first year, assumptions are that there will only be 2 store assistant until the business can build a reputation that will attract others to work with us. Training will be given for senior staffs when needs arise. (Ex: induction of new products, products awareness, inclusion of new services and etc)

Owner (Uphallee)
Investor(s) ( A and B)
Store Assistant ( C & D)
Part Time staffs (If necessary during the weekend)

Current Status:

Shop has been painted. Temper Glass has been fixed. Business owner unable to fund further because owner requires to use up the savings money for house renovation. Since own shop, owner has delay the project.

Funding Milestone: Business Start-Up

Business Valuation: n/a

Expected Return On Investment: hallee Enterprise is seeking for angel investor(s)

* Total capital for business start-up is estimated at RM 100K- 150K.
* These investors will be receiving minimum of 10% dividend per annum from their capital investment.
* The dividend pay out is set quarterly, which every quarter investor is bound to receive min 2.5% from the capital invested.
* Shallee is also planning to give free vouchers and discounted services for the investors to enjoy the privileges of being the investor for Shallee.
* Investing period for the investors are set at 3 years, after the period it is up to Shallee’s prerogative to continue the dividend payout or pay the full capital to the investors.
* Investors do not hold any ownership in Shallee, hence there is no decision making from them. The Shallee management solely handle the business.
* The criteria set above are subject for negotiation.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:
Let me know what is your worries and we can discuss for mitigating it.

Exit Strategies: Worst case scenario if the business is not making any profit. The owner will
1) Sell all the available toys to Owner’s family which run Gift shop and Mini Market
2) Sell display racks to 2nd hand shop / sell to Owner’s family and provide the capital to Investor(s). The term can be discussed and stipulated in an agreement in order to make win-win situation when decided to exit.


Uphallee Maniam (
Company Name: Shallee Enterprise
Postal Address : No: 9 Jalan 6B/6
State : Bandar Baru Bangi
Post Code : 43650
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : +60389256399
Mobile: +60389256399