Seeking RM120K for banana plantation project in Johor

Seeking RM120K for banana plantation project in Johor

Project Cost: RM 190,000.00

Amount Invested : RM 70,000.00

Amount Required : RM 120,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
other (Belief)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor

consumer goods
biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage: seed


Company History:

Male. Malay. 30 years old. Single. 3rd from 5 siblings. Own an architecture degree. ABC-Adventurous-Brave-Creative. Have tried and failed in rearing red tilapia, have worked for 3 months in grape farms in Melbourne, Australia. Have read a lot, learn a lot from my past failures. Previously worked as translator in Singapore, laid off July 2013.

Product / Service Description:

The objective is to generate capital for my own investments. The method is by planting bananas. I have 30 acres of land in Mersing. A newly cleared forest, with wild boars and elephants roaming around. The main objective is to plant coconut or palm oil there. But in 3 first years, bananas will be planted there, fully. -To generate cash to recover my initial investment. With all the parameters/factors considered, I take this project has 90% success rate, with the right amount of funding.

Business Opportunity:

Bananas are in constant demands, especially from the variety of Berangan and Tanduk.

Revenue Model:

Sell bananas.
Sell banana leaves.
Utilise the logistics (mini excavator) to gain side income.
Utilise the manpower (foreign worker) to become farm contractors, taking on small farms tasks with other farm owners.

Management Team:

For now, just me handling all the important stuffs and 3 workers to carry out the hard/repetitive work.

Current Status:

Land preparation – dugging trenches, setting up electric fence for elephants. Acquiring machines.

Funding Milestone:

Stage 1 – 55k -Land prepping: Acquiring a mini excavator, and a farm tractor. Setting up electric fences. Setting up base.
Stage 2 – 65k -Planting to harvest.

Business Valuation:

I can offer no equity, only profit in cash, yet in a relatively short time period.

Expected Return On Investment:

3 (three) times the funding amount. If, RM 120,000.00, then the total amount returned in 5 years (maximum) is, RM 360,000.00.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

1- Failure of electric fence – Daily monitoring
2- Drought – Bore deep wells
3- Shortage of manpower – Contacts
4- Diseases – Advice and checks from Jabatan Pertanian
5- Death of entrepenuer – Life insurance, maximising on death benefit with the investors listed as heirs.

Exit Strategies:

Well, if everything failed, the land can be refinanced with banks, and any amount in arrear payable to the investor will be paid using that money.


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