Project Cost: RM200k

Amount Invested : RM10k

Amount Required : RM190k

Knowledge / Experience Required:
other (IT / Multimedia)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

others (Music / Internet / Entertainment)

Project Stage:
early expansion


Company History:

The mission is to become the largest platform to connect the students and the private music tutors. It started with a private music lesson which has been conducted for more than 10 years now.

Product / Service Description:

The core idea of this online platform is to connect students and music tutors for private music lessons. This platform will be featuring:
(i) booking and facilitating the music lessons
(ii) the latest news about music inspired
(iii) reputable music tutors
(iv) a social media for students and tutors networking
(v) e-commerce for music products
(vi) connecting with the affiliate program

Business Opportunity:

Nowadays, parents are so busy with their work, house chores and children activities. This is a good platform as it helps to arrange the request to hire PRIVATE music tutors to conduct the music lessons either in student’s home, music tutors’ home or studio and via online. Parents would have the opportunity to choose their favourite music tutors for the children classes. This method will help to reduce the parents’ time sending their kids to far centres and parents can arrange a replacement classes which is convenient for mutual music lessons.

Revenue Model:

Revenue from Students’ Lesson Fees, Workshops, advertisement & sponsorship, e-commerce music products, commission based tickets for concerts.

Management Team:

Currently, we have a team of 3 persons with age range from 21 – 35 years old. We are converged with our experience in music, accountancy and software management.

Current Status:

We are at initial stage that needs funding to expand and execute the mission stated.

Funding Milestone:

As this is at initial stage, we will use this fund to strengthen the backbone of project at initial stage. Subsequently, there should be profit amount seen to continuously support the business, unless new “special projects” are initiated.

Business Valuation:

We are willing to allocate 49% of the equity for the investors and the figures are derived from our business plan, which will be shared with the interested investors.

Expected Return On Investment:

60% return after 6months – 1 year

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The risk will be at minimal once the business is stable within 6months – 1 year.

Exit Strategies:

Exit opportunity for the investor is to sell their equity share, or develop / change into a entertainment or music company.


Jessie Tan (
Company Name: Staccato Music Studio
Mobile: +60122801822


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5 years ago

I would like to know some information and where do your teaching center located. please do provide me some further understatnding of your company operation.