i am looking for angel investor approx 500K to buyover and expand the business of xxx Sdn bhd. Currently their focus is on retail hardware device telecommunication and accessories. the main objective i am keen because it is a healthy company and the owner wanted to sell some of the share to me.

Telecommunication is very competitive which i am not keen to expanding the existing business but i would love to used this platform to expand on wearable tech specialize retail especially smart watch and wristband.their hardcore business would maintain but will focus on e commerce, retail will eventually convert into wearable tech, since the market do not have pebble smart watch for retail and others which i would like to lead this retail market


Introduction of Wearable Tech
a. What is Wearable technology
– Refers to devices that can be worn by users, taking the form of an accessory such as jewelry, sunglasses, a backpack, or even actual items of clothing like shoes or a jacket.
– This are a few areas wearable technology focus on
i. Health
ii. Security & Personal development
iii. Elevated standard of living
iv. Entertainment
v. Others

b. Now & Future market of Wearable Technology
One of the media business wire: As the wearable electronics business powers from over $14 billion in 2014 to over $70 billion in 2024, the dominant sector will remain the healthcare sector which merges medical, fitness and wellness. It has the largest number of big names such as Apple, Accenture, Adidas, Fujitsu, Nike, Philips, Reebock, Samsung, SAP and Roche behind the most promising new developments.
Asia development of reseller market been steady growth no doubt it is still new in today market
According market watch release on 18th June 2014 :- there is 20 Top Company involvement in wearable technology industry as summary listed currently available and many more potential coming soon.

B. Restructuring of Black Studio Sdn Bhd (New Management)

Current Situation
i. Based on their establishment for last 2 years, they current business been into hardware device and accessories for end user

ii. They started to focus on blackberry product 80 % – however market demand has decline which the management converted into varies brands to sustain the business

iii. Retail business especially telecommunication getting challenging and stiff which does not permitted them to expand their market share into retail industry especially telecommunication

iv. Recently the management decided to restructure the whole business objective and looking for new capital injection with new shareholder to expand and still maintain the vision of the company to be specialization in ICT products.

Restructuring Black Studio S/B
Business Opportunity & Direction
I. Directors decided to focus on wearable technology retails as their new direction to sustain and increase the revenue of the company .the decision based on few factors
1. Black studio would be the first to enter into this retail to gain a market share before competitor into this business
2. Based on the momentum of market trend the future of wearable tech especially retail however the normal hardware device market is sustainable
3. The current core business will maintain but reduce a sole dependent to gain sales revenue but most likely will joint venture with local service provider retail concept and manage it.
4. Added more management team and staff to strengthen the business strategies and move forward for better future
5. More retails to be open once complete of changing in partnership with new share allocation

Shareholder & New Management Team of Black Studio S/B
There will be restructuring of directorship once new capital inject into this company for reengineering process. This will enable the growth of the company
1. Propose share after merger
a. New shareholders- 60 %
b. Chang Soon Liang – 30%
c. Bumiputra share- 10 %

Why Black Studio Sdn Bhd ?
a. Company Performance
i. Since 2 year of establishment. The company sales revenue have been maintain no doubt there is a decline of consumer spending

ii. There is few factor contribute to their performance of the company
1. Manageable operation retail cost
2. Management skill
3. Debt free company with good accounting
4. Integrity and good govern corporate
5. Small SME manage to diversified and quick decision making

iii. Due to certain factors that as a barrier to expand their vision
1. Stiff competition for hardware device reseller which cause their profit stagnation
2. Entering of Local service provider will decrease the market share of consumer spending

b. Long term objective goal for Black Studio
i. Black Studio Sdn Bhd is to create a household retail branding into ICT concept store
a. Concept store on specific branded
b. Joint Venture with local telecommunication maintain core business
c. Location and Asset Management available
i. To setup a new retail involvement of high cost initial setup include marketing awareness of the brand-
buying over black studio share will be a good option due to
a. Existing branding of black studio been into markets
b. Set up costing will be reduce due to existing company and asset management
c. Their current retail location is strategic and lower commitment of rental with existing stock available
d. Benefit of taking over black studio

Business still can operate as normal due to existing tenancy agreement and no time wasted
Existing client based – just need to improvise thru digital marketing program
Gradually changing the concept will involve min costing
Business track record for further investment purpose iv. Debt free company


Edmund Wee

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