Project Cost: RM500,000

Amount Invested : –

Amount Required : RM500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

informatics / multimedia
others (Semantic Learning Technology)

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

I involved in multimedia education contents development since 2001, where my company awarded MSC status in 2004. I quit the company in 2010. Currently working as freelance consultant for application project management,now lead the team to support MyIPO online ITMS system. Semantic is the future web language to reach contents. It is new for Malaysia, and currently only Mimos actively involve in this research. But soon it will become famous and common in coming decade.

Semantic Guru Pakar is my propose project.It means understand what you ask as guru pakar, and answer and assist you as guru pakar. This is my simple concept. Semanctic Guru pakar not like other education application, only interactive in answering, but not in learning and assist way. Example: F4 Sejarah, we can ask Semantic Guru Pakar,\”Apakah ciri-ciri Tamaddun Islam?\”, \”Apakah sumbangan-sumbangan Tamaddun Islam ?\”, \”Berikan saya latihan-latihan berkaitan Tamaddun Isalm\”

Semantic Guru Pakar understand and answer base on what you ask, and the answers given follow the curriculum and syllabus. So it much different like what we learn now, dropped down the menu, and select form,then subject,then the topic and so on… That is not i want.

Intelligent Agent (IA) plays the major role in bridging the learner and Semantic Guru Pakar. And it will be design as a character in front end to understand the learner, and design the learning route with Semantic Guru Pakar. Understanding and well design ontology is the key to decide how good and efficient the sytem it. I am very confidence in this part because my educator background. Semantic Guru Pakar will begin with Guru Pakar Sejarah , seen it will be compulsory taken and pass subject in SPM to qualified the SPM certificate. In 2011 total 468,808 students sitting for SPM examination, this amounts will growing year by year, and thisvolume is not include others forms, and others subjects. My intention to come out this system as app to support 3G phone, table pc and Tab note. The learners can subscribe app to access to this Semantic learning platform. The subscription fees from RM10-RM19.

I have professional knowledge and education background to lead the project success. I am confidence and hungry in designing education learning application. I invested a lot with own money since 2001, but I failed because poor marketing, and lack in strategy. But it wont be the reason to stop me for continuing in R&D. So I sincere hope can get some investment both in money and knowledge, especially which lack in. Will submit my details once requested by any angel Please visit http:// and to understand my product development history.

Contact Information

Tan Kok Chin (

Postal Address : 29, Jln Indah 1/1, Tmn Universiti Indah
State : Seri Kembangan
Post Code : 43300
Country : Malaysia

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