Sentinel DVD Copy Protection

Sentinel DVD Copy Protection

Project Cost: RM3.0 Mil

Amount Invested : RM 2.5 Mil

Amount Required : RM 500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time

Industry: informatics / multimedia; manufacturing

Project Stage: others (Transfer Technology)

Information Memorandum:


The Company currently has developed and owns prototype software called SENTINEL SYSTEM, which will prevent DVD movie from unauthorized copying.

Sentinel System aims to prevent all sorts of copying (and copyright infringement) by taking control of the layout and access of a CD. This means that a DVD protected with the Sentinel System would be able to play on a Personal Computer and a DVD player but would not be able to be copied.

The system does not need intervention in terms of hardware; thus, end users will not notice any changes unless duplication takes in place.

“Sentinel System” is developed to address a major global issue, that is, content piracy. Piracy of DVD/VCD is a huge problem worldwide amounting to USD Billions in losses. The amount of losses is still climbing yearly.


Sentinel System works as a set of CDROM media layout control, access control and program control.

It uses access control to access to and from the protected CDs and ensures that the data on the CD is the only media it executes from.

Sentinel System uses a combination of encryption, code protection and multiple levels of polymorphism to make it a very secure system.

It also involves program control by protecting itself (the Product) from being hacked and makes it virtually impossible to create a “crack”.

The system does not need intervention in terms of hardware thus; end user will not notice any changes unless duplication takes in place.

Sentinel system value is that it is a system that can be installed on all parts of the delivery chain (operating system such as Windows, Mac and VCD, DVD players) and can be installed on any hardware or software platform. The product itself has been created to suit the changes in hardware/software platform standard.


The current technology in copy protection available in the market currently can still be copied by using widely used free software such as \”DVD Decryptor\” and other software which can be easily downloaded from the internet. Sentinel system have been tested and can protect itself from mostly available ripping software such as DVD Decryptor, Alcohol 120, Nero Burner, AnyDVD, and other ripping software which can be download from the internet.

Sentinel System copy protection have been compared with protection from Rovi Corporation and currently Sentinel System still can protect itself. We are inviting interested party to acquire the technology or help us to meet international businesses for technology transfer purposes. Sentinel System is ready from market implementation.

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