Singapore Health Enhanced Chair

Singapore Health Enhanced Chair

I seek at least one investor to finance an international patent application (PCT), that has potential for very high returns. As a Singaporean residing in Singapore, I am entitled to a heavy subsidy in the fees.
My products/service and what problem does it solve?

I have a patent application for sale, titled “Chair For Providing Enhanced Health Care And Comfort”. I have filed it in Singapore. Date of Filing: 12 March2010, Application Number : 201001769 -7. It is to be published soon (early publication).

The present invention relates to a chair that provides a healthier and a more comfortable sitting posture, particularly when the sitting duration is long, such as during long flight journeys, during watching movies in theaters, while waiting in lounges, during long automobile rides, while studying in libraries and the like.

Where do I fit into the market ?

The patent application has a very wide scope for commercial exploitation. The idea is very simple and cheap to implement, while the good effect is enormous and would benefit the public at large.
The potential licensees for this application (when matures to a patent) could be:
a) management bodies for aeroplane, auditorium, theater, waiting lounge, automobile, library and the like,
b) chair manufacturers for informal public seating arrangements,
c) foot rest manufacturers.

Who is in my team and what relevant experience do I have in this field?

I am the inventor and applicant for the patent application filed in Singapore. I could forward you the application as filed, for your review. Thus far I have borne the filing cost in Singapore.

I am a PhD in Microelectronics with more than 28 years of working experience including 10 years of experience in Chartered Semiconductor Mfg Ltd Singapore, as a Senior Principal Engineer. I also hold a Graduate Certificate in IP Law from NUS Singapore. Currently I am a Patent Consultant, working for Patent Agents and Attorneys, in Singapore and abroad.

What am I offering an investor for getting involved in this?

I seek at least one investor to sponsor for applying an international application (PCT) within 12 Mar 2011, with the priority date of 12 Mar 2010, at a cost of about SGD$1700. As a Singaporean, I am entitled to a significant subsidy for the PCT filing. In case the International Search Report (ISR) and Written Opinion (WO) are positive, I propose to sell the patent application to the investor who could then file the same in countries of interest (like US, Europe, China, Japan, Singapore etc) for protection, under his/her ownership and cost.

If the ISR and WO are negative, the investor would lose the amount of SGD$1700 paid. This is the only risk the investor needs to take. Hence the prospective investor may evaluate the patent application with the help of a patent attorney and move forward for investing if it is reasonably assuring.

In case multi-parties are interested now or after receiving the ISR and WO, the expenses could be shared while the benefits could be enjoyed by all of them.

We could negotiate further details. It should be a win-win situation for all of us.

Any current or projected financials?

Filing cost for the PCT application (latest by 12 Mar 2011) to receive the ISR and WO: SGD$1700
If the ISR and WO are positive, the application may be bought from me at negotiated price and filed in countries of choice (such as US, Europe, China, Japan, Singapore etc) for being granted. The cost would include the application processing charges as well as the patent agent fees.

I look forward to hearing from you as a prospective investor. Please contact me such that I could forward you the application as filed in Singapore.