The Cafe is determined to stand apart from the local F & B competition with an innovative and creative concept. We are also proud to introduce ‘Singapore’s First Japanese Styled Hotdog Joint’.

We aim to marry the café and fast-food concept into a unique niche offering quality gourmet coffee and tea, ice-cold blended smoothies and iced teas; mouth-watering freshly made Japanese styled Hotdogs and an excellent range of side dishes including all-time-favourites such as Japanese breaded Shrimp, Calamari Frittes, French Fries and Onion Rings.

Our dining concept seeks to provide an informal living space where customers can relax and feel comfortable in any attire. This would appeal to teenagers as well as adults seeking a cozy nook – a haven from the heat of the Singapore summer.

This innovative and creative idea stems from the need to satisfy the various target markets surrounding our proposed modern concept food outlet.

The Company will operate a 510 square foot café located on the ground floor of a 96-room 3-star Hotel, at the corner of Beach Road and Tan Quee Lan Street. We shall secure this location with a minimum 2-year lease at a monthly rental of $8,000 per month with an option for renewal.

The Cafe will capitalize on its close proximity to Bugis Junction, a popular shopping and tourist attraction, to build a core group of repeat customers. We will offer our customers an alternative great-taste experience that we are confident will generate promotion by word-of-mouth.

By launching the Cafe in close proximity to our desired target market (youths and young adults) and at a reasonable rental rate with a suitable kitchen area (to act as a central kitchen), the expansion growth for this Café is deemed possible within 1 year of operation.

We have conceptualized and drafted a plan to expand within five-years and to evolve to reach a wider audience. This five-year plan is divided into 3-phases that includes expansion to food kiosks at busy shopping malls across the island and setting up outlets in 2 – 3 tertiary institutions.

This business plan shall strive to focus on the feasibility and viability of running a single cafe. We are expecting sales revenue to increase from $685,000 in year one to $905,000 in year three. As we will strive to maintain a 65% contribution margin and reasonable operating expenses, we will see net profits grow from $87,000 to $129,000 during the same period.

We are seeking $200,000 start-up funds from a potential investor and/or working partner.


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