Sirius Venture Consulting Pte Ltd

Sirius Venture Consulting Pte Ltd


We are a boutique venture capital and entrepreneurial finance firm, focused on small and medium‐sized companies in Singapore and overseas. Since September 2002, we have led, grown and invested successfully in numerous businesses.

Our vision is to partner entrepreneurs to grow their business beyond dreams – in the right direction, with the right strategy, competence and capital.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges entrepreneurs face in building and sustaining a business. With our extensive experience, valuable network and capital, Sirius is your strategic partner to help you reach and achieve your goals – beyond your dreams.


1. Invest

Sirius is always on the lookout for investment opportunities amongst small and medium-sized companies. Unlike the larger venture capitalists, we are able to tailor our investment amount to the needs and size of the company.

Beyond just providing capital, our goal is to assist you to build your company’s competence, and create value that can bring your business to the next level of growth.

2. Consult

What sets Sirius apart from many other venture capitalists is our ability to act as your strategic partner – to help you develop and enhance your business strategy to achieve your company’s maximum potential.

Sirius assists entrepreneurs at every stage of your growth and development. To this end, we provide a wide range of consultancy including:

• Business planning and evaluation
• IPO consulting
• Financial evaluation and forecasting
• Corporate development

3. Train

Apart from offering expert advice, resources and a wide range of corporate consultancy services, Sirius also specialises in training on Entrepreneurial Finance, Corporate Venturing, Venture Capital and Start Up, and SME Financing.