Project Title : Soap For Crack Heels

Project Cost: 15,000.00

Amount Invested : 10000.00

Amount Required : 5000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required: internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: others ()

Industry: consumer goods

Project Stage: early expansion

Information Memorandum:

We produce a soap to cater for crack heels problems. R & D was done and it is proven that the soap can heal the crack heels problem. Our soap are force to go through long hours of labour intensive in order to produce the consistency of quality.

Totally free from any machine manipulation and petroleum based chemical. Major ingredients are Beta Carotene, rice bran oil, coconut oil, olive oil, Canola oil and Lye.
Know-how: The inventor of the secret recipe is also a great sale person. She has been in sales and marketing industry for more than 15 years. Other than inventing new product lines she also is the best person to do the sales and marketing activities. The rest of the team is included the accountant with qualified academic background and a person who will manage everything pertaining to business operation from managing the day to day sales, delivery, refund, advertisement, public relation and etc. He has more than 10 years working experience in running operation department previously.

Competition and Market Conditions:

Currently in the worldwide market there are only cream and lotion as a topical solution for crack heel. Now with our new breakthrough after long and interesting experimenting we have finally found a much more simple, easy and convenient way yo solve the crack heel problem. It\’s just take a bar of Soap and a shower away! Don\’t believed us? Please ask for a sample from us and experience yourself.

Growth Potential:

Growth potential for this product is tremendous since it\’s compatible with our fast and hectic lifestyle. It\’s simple,easy and convenient is everybody dream in modern life. The price is way below any average soap for such a luxury soap like ours. Imagine of distributing the innovation in worldwide market. Tremendous with no direct competitors.

Reasons for Seeking an Investor:

We have done and invested from our own pocket for all the experimenting, re- doing, re-making, sampling, testing, giving out sample to public for free for major feedback, re-work and etc. We also have registered our company trade mark under intellect property to brand name our product. We have also spend money in purchasing boxes, container and other miscellaneous for the business. What we are lacking now is only the new capital outlay which we are already exhausted from our pocket to produce more stocks if we would want to sell on internet. We are looking for USD 2,000 as an initial investment to produce the stocks. Since we already completed our website, the moment our stocks is ready all we need to do is to launch the product. Any investor who is interested with our project has tremendous future expansion, we are willing to offer 50%-50% equity share. This business only need total investment less than USD 20K very much lower than any other businesses but for a such a huge potential. Since the recipe is belong to us, we are the innovator and it\’s exclusively belong to the company. That will be the best business traits for any company.

Contact Information

Roslinda Mohd Ali Jaafar (

Mobile: 48696249804

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