Social mobile app startup seeking RM200K startup fund

Social mobile app startup seeking RM200K startup fund

Project Cost: RM385,988

Amount Invested : One investor interested for 50%

Knowledge / Experience Required: other (Anyone)

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Anyone)

informatics / multimedia

Project Stage:


Company History:
20 year old inti college student. Currently studying diploma in multimedia design.

Product / Service Description:
A simple social network mobile app that allow users to compare each other about photos and to be top by likes of photos. Besides we also create a platform for user to buy and sell and their own business.

Business Opportunity:
Nowadays Internet business is growing very fast and it is very easy to grow if the concept is good and potential. The market of this app will be international worldwide but of course when the startup it will focus more on Malaysia and south east Asia, then we will getting into worldwide market.

Revenue Model:
All the revenue will earn from the advertisement of our platform. We will not receive any advertisement in beginning and we will start making money from advertisement when we reach a certain number of users in our app. The revenue platform is from the official company advertisement.
And we can also make our profit from unofficial which is user to pay for promote their photos or products.

Management Team:
I am the ceo and will control everything of this project, and one of my partner Ryan will manage the marketing department of our mobile app. We have contacted a few programmer for this project.

Current Status:
My currently status is Im in concept stage and still need another 50% of my capital to start this project. The revenue will start gain after half year of the project start.

Funding Milestone:

First 2 months, Mobile app development for 2 – 3 months. Register server hosting RM7,988 for first year.

3rd months, After development estimated finished at 3rd month and will have to test the mobile app and check bugs by programmer, hire 2 programmer start at the 3rd months RM5,000 per month for each programmer. After apps testing, we will start to launch our app on the App store and Google Play.
4th months, Then we will start to promote our mobile app through the Models, Redpeople and the internet promotion for 2 month. Start to study graph sources about our user usages for server cost. We will start offer the extra commission for the models to promote our apps which is 10 followers for RM1. After the promotion and marketing, our objective and expected our app will reach 500,000 users within the 2 month. Stop the commission payment for the models. *Mobile app updates, new features and bug fixes.

6th month, our apps has 500,000 users and we get start to make profit from the advertisement in our apps. ( Upgrades server based on number of users ) Start to receive advertisement from the advertiser or the product promote by the user. The estimated profits from the advertisement for a month which RM 49,868 is enough covered up for the RM10,000 for 2 programmer salary, monthly server hosting estimated RM10,000 per month, maintenance & utilities RM2,500. The extra earning profits from the advertisement will just save first, since we have an extra RM150,000 to back up all the server fees and monthly maintenance for the next 6 months.

7th – 12th months, Meeting for next marketing promotion for our apps if number of our apps is grow slowly or dropping. Objectives aim to reach 1 Million users on our mobile apps. *Mobile app updates, new features and bug fixes. Upgrades server based on the new number of our apps.

Business Valuation:

Currently an investor willing to invest 60% of the project which will hold 25% . For the remaining 40% investment, second investor will hold 20% so share.

Expected Return On Investment: n/a

Investment Risk and Mitigation: The main risk of this project is number of users. Others is not a concern.

Exit Strategies: n/a


Yap Ming Yong (
Company Name: Rexapps
Postal Address : No55 jalan 21
State : Selangor
Post Code : 43000
Country : Malaysia
Mobile: 0173510993