Social Network Website

Social Network Website

I have named my website domain as ‘’. This domain ‘revozon’ is referring to place for new revolution.

I plan to build a social network site based on web 3.0 concept. This social network site with build-in consumer-to-consumer(C2C) auction marketplace as selling, buying and promoting platform for people from different background. Now everyone can make money through my site including seller in my C2C marketplace even members from social network site(please refer to point 1.2 on why people will like my website and how they make money through my site?). This website is different from other existing website as most website is based on web 2.0 concept and they uses community site to keep in touch with their customers and clients whereas I’m using social network site to connect people around while allow members to sell, buy and promote their products or services. All members including individuals or company are welcome to open a store in my website to promote/sell their products or services. Generally, anything can be auctioned on the Revozon C2C Marketplace as long as it is not illegal and does not violate the Prohibited and Restricted Items policy that created by Revozon Network. Services and intangibles can be sold too.

The main service I provide is to serve in social network as these are the people where sellers/promoters from Revozon C2C marketplace can be targeted. I plan to build various features and applications that link together with Revozon social network and Revozon C2C marketplace so that members will have different experience of buying and selling.

I intend to evaluate the numbers of members sign up to my website and to improve the effectiveness of each site. For C2C platform, would be allow sellers and buyers to meet while they can keep in touch via my social network. Besides that, members also use Revozon social network as a place to gain knowledge, keep in touch with friends, family and other members or discuss about the product they bought from Revozon C2C marketplace.