Soft darts machine training & competition platform

Soft darts machine training & competition platform

Project Cost: 600,000.00

Amount Invested : 0

Amount Required : RM600K

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time

informatics / multimedia
restaurants / f&b
consumer goods
financial services

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Information Memorandum:


Soft darts machine was invented in Japan since year 2000, introduced to Malaysia in 2011. Ever since this machine introduced in Malaysia, It eventually attracted many people to start playing, especially girl player. This is because the machine itself is no longer like the old school dart board so boring, need to count your own score and must play in pub or bar.


The machine attracted more player than the old school darts board, it is because the machine come with auto scoring and an interactive monitor that allow player to change their own theme, read ranking, view interactive animation when you did some special skill. Other than that the machine also come with a LED board and good sound effect to attract player attention. Last but not least, the machine is coming with a 4 card slots to insert a total of 8 cards maximum for player to up rank, challenge, collecting theme and also tournament purpose.


Currently soft darts machine in the market is the hottest sport for nightlife business, pioneer was I-Darts, following by Bulls Eye Cafe & Bistro, Afterhour, Napoli Pub & Bistro, The Barrel Kitchen, Our Locus, 66SIX and many more. Due to this, there are many players from these place has trained themselves to be a great darters and some of the bistro or bar organized competition for every week or even a large tournament to send them to oversea for international competition, with this darts machine all the mentioned bar & bistro their business are increasing rapidly and some even can earn 40-50k from 1 machine in just a month.

As I noticed these place can only give them to play at night and there is no real training or competition platform for them to move on. Again soft darts in not only shortlisted for adult, in Hong Kong the biggest darts accessories company JDarts ASIA even encouraged youth to start playing and training as playing darts can assist to train our concentration and fully utilized both left and right brain.


I am plaining to open a training and competition platform that allowing or attract more peoples from different level to play darts from morning till night, of course, we will also be selling darts, darts accessories and some light drinks and foods for additional income, but still the soft darts machine is the major income.


The ROI of this soft darts machine is unpredictable, with just a minimum of RM2.00 for each player, 1 player can easily play up to RM50-RM80 in just 4 to 5 hours and 1 machine is allowing a maximum of 8 players to challenge at 1 time.

About the machine you can either rent or buy the machine as you like, buying 1 brand new soft darts machine is approximately RM32,000.00, If is renting is depend of machine you would like to rent, and they rate the rental differently.

Let’s do a very simple calculation.

1hr x 15games (RM2.00) = RM30.00
RM30.00x 10hrs= RM300.00
RM300.00 x 1 machines = RM300.00
RM300.00 x 7 machines = RM2,100.00
RM2,100.00 x 30days = RM63,000.00
RM63,000.00 x 6 months = RM378,000.00
1 Soft darts machine = RM32,000.00
RM32,000.00 x 7 Soft dart machine = RM224,000.00
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