Software development firm in KL seek RM1mil investment

Software development firm in KL seek RM1mil investment

Amount Invested : RM 50,000.00

Amount Required : RM 1,000,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia

Project Stage:


XXXXXX Sdn Bhd, the nature of our business will be solely focusing on the IT industry, giving priority to software development services which consist of ERP system, EIM system, Mobile Application and IT troubleshooting services. We want to set a new standard of software development in the IT market whereby we customize software development for our clients, by only providing the necessary functionality according to our client’s requirements and at the same time maintaining an affordable price range to penetrate the market.

We have set a target market initially we will be focusing on private sector this is due penetrate the market by building up our company’s reputation and credibility. During our company’s expansion period, will be focusing on government projects, which has a lot of potential growth especially in IT field due to high demand, but not many companies could penetrate into government sector , due strict rules and regulation factors which most of the IT unable to fulfil , we strongly believe that we have advantage in obtaining government projects ,as we have bumiputera partners assisting us and also family members that are working in high positions for the Malaysian government itself. We believe there is a strong future for us at Info Essence, to hold a big amount of market share especially in the government sector as competitors for the IT field are less.

Currently we have a physical office at Damansara Heights (KL) which we are renting, we have 3 staff which consists of two directors (with 10 years’ experience in software development) and one senior accountant (part-time) (with 8 years’ experience) , and our business at the moment is basically at start-up stage. Therefore we require a significant amount of investment which is (RM 1,000,000.00) in order for our business operation to start and together with this business plan we have attached details on how we can ensure our client and investors can gain benefit not in the short-term but in the long run as well. We have provided with detailed financial break-down of how and why we need such amount of investment and how our can get back their return in the given period of time.

*Full business plan available upon request


State : Kuala Lumpur