Project Cost: RM2’000’000

Amount Invested : nil

Amount Required : RM2’000’000

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

industry products
others (Lorry and Commercial Transportation)

Project Stage:
early expansion


Company History:

Company Registered in 2015

Product / Service Description:

Our Company has designed a lorry with technology that can only be found in our product. We have designed the 1st prototype of its kind in 2014, reviewed and impressed engineers from China. We already have a contract with our factory that is ready to produce and manufacture any specs and amount we need. Our lorry is so durable and flexible, it is specially designed to free manoeuver its way pass any terrain especially in the PALM PLANTATION ESTATES and Sectors

Business Opportunity:

The flexibility of our lorry is proven and tested with our 1st commercial prototypes (Ready unit available in SABAH). Most tropical countries in the world has Palm Oil Plantation. However, this market is limited during raining season (which happens most of the time in tropical countries), where most lorries and trucks are having problem manoeuvering wet and muddy damaged roads. Our lorry are specially designed to surpass these problems. Potential Market : WORLDWIDE as these technology are founded by our company and manufactured to meet customer’s demand

Revenue Model:

As we all know, any automotive company in the world can generate sales worth millions and increasing to billions revenue. With a product 1st of it’s kind, we believe and guarantee this Business / Brand will expand to atleast 3 countries in the next 2 years

Management Team:

Our Company are newly established in 2015 and our Management team are yet to be built in the coming time. However, our long journey from having ideas until the day we manage to build our 1st commercial version of the trucks (said design), it is all done by 2 young entrepreneurs with helps and advice from several engineers, Legal advices and mentors

Current Status:

Currently we are at the stage where we are ready to sale and commercialize our products. Our supporting factories in China are now ready to manufacture any specs and amounts that we demand, and has signed contract with us and made us the sole Distributor of this brand.

Funding Milestone:

Our only obstacles now is working capital to run and start-up our long term automotive business venture. funding given will be used to prepare showrooms, several ready units for sale, advertising cost and management costs

Business Valuation:

From the background of our history making, we have sacrificed literally almost everything we had for this idea and we are so close to be known as automotive company. Total equity are based on negotiation between us (company), with you (investor). our proposal are to give a certain amount of profit sharing from overall sales. further negotiation are welcomed

Expected Return On Investment:

From the research that we’ve made, 20’000 units sold in Malaysia alone does not meet 50% of market demand due to the huge size of plantation areas and amount of users/companies that are facing the problem regarding bad condition roads. this happen in almost every estates in Malaysia by itself. not to mention the potential growth we expected when we expand into the country with the largest Palm Oil Plantation (Indonesia

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The only risks that we could imagine is slow growth and sales rate in the beginning because we are a new Brand trying to introduce ourself to the world. However, these risks can be reduced with enough fundings on Advertising, marketing and strategy.

Exit Strategies: for cases if there is any problem during the venture / business, investors may withdraw investments with prior notice of atleast 120days (rearrangement period) and this will be stated in our investments contract. any other options may be considered and negotiated between investors and our company.


Charlston Peter Lantai (
Company Name: MyJin Industries Sdn Bhd
Postal Address : Office No.21, 4th floor, Central Plaza Shopping Mall, Kepayan, Kota Kinabalu
State : Sabah
Post Code : 88450
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 088280828
Mobile: 0149526700