Project Cost: RM200,000 – RM300,000

Amount Invested : –

Amount Required : –

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance, production

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time, as mentor, as consultant, others (Partner)

Industry: engineering
industry products

Project Stage: concept, seed, start-up

Information Memorandum:

I am looking for a partner, an angel investor and a mentor to start-up my idea to further stages. The idea is great and innovative and has big chance to receive funding from MOSTI and other goverment bodies. The main problem right now is I have no company and partner to apply funding from MOSTI and other goverment bodies.

The idea is related to space tourism industry. My idea is to compete with two American’s suborbital spaceplane ; SpaceShipTwo – owned by Virgin Galactic and Lynx – owned by XCOR Aerospace. These two spaceplanes are about to bring space tourist to space soon. Space tourists will exprienced micro-gravity when these spaceplanes reach altitude of 100km.

But the prime weakness of both SpaceShipTwo and Lynx is their only capable to reach suborbital altitude. After reach 100km, these spaceplanes will drop back to Earth. In other word, space tourist only exprience micro-gravity for 4-5 minutes only. Real space tourist is suppose to exprience micro-gravity longer as astronauts.

This is how my spaceplane concept will be a serious rival to both SpaceShipTwo and Lynx. My spaceplane concept is able to reach three times higher. If SpaceShipTwo and Lynx reach 100km of altitude(suborbital flight), my spaceplane concept can reach 300km-350km(full orbit) of altitude where space tourists will expriencing micro-gravity longer for hours even days instead few minutes with suborbital flight.

I already discussed my idea with Space Tourism Society Malaysia Chapter (STS-MC) and they responded positively to my spaceplane concept. I have showed them my spaceplane\’s 3D concept. According to STS-MC, my idea is unique and their offering their expertises to help me to develop this spaceplane from proof-of-concept until prototyping stage. STS-MC also offering to promote my idea to foreign investors. STS-MC is a NGO registered in USA and their members are not allowed to take any equity or share in any company. STS-MC financial is support by their HQ in USA.

My spaceplane concept has potential to attract 100 units order every year from future space airliner when the prototype is complete. The number will grow up every year as space travel cost become more affordable. But the angel must realized my spaceplane idea is a long-term investment and may not profitable for short-term investment. But I expect this idea will get lot of investment since it can be a big rival to suborbital flight market where the main player is Virgin Galactic and XCOR Aerospace. If both company received hundred of millions of investment to develop their spaceplane, there is no reasons why my spaceplane concept will not get attention from other investors.

Early 3D concept of this spaceplane is completed. Will show the 3D concept to any angel that interested. Once I have a company and partner, this spaceplane idea is closer to received funding (max. RM50.0 million) from MOSTI’s TechnoFund. I need about RM200,000 – RM300,000 for company start-up. STS-MC also interested to bring this idea to international stage to atrract more investment from foreign investors.

I offering share up to 49% and CEO position to angel. I prefer angel with engineering and manufacturing design and has experience in business and investment. I expert in AutoCAD and 24 years old. When have company, STS-MC will help for proof-of-concept of this idea immediately. Than in short time, funding from MOSTI can be apply. According to MOSTI’s requirements, this idea is qualified to receive grant.

Contact Information

Mohd Syafiq (

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