SPEAKBOUT anonymity social website seeking RM200k development fund

SPEAKBOUT anonymity social website seeking RM200k development fund

Project Cost: RM200k

Amount Invested : 0

Amount Required : RM200k

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: internet

Project Stage: seed


The purpose of this business plan is to raise capital for the development and running cost of “SPEAKBOUT” a revolutionary social website. This business plan will also showcase the expected financial over a seven (7) month period. “SPEAKBOUT” the brain-child of 4 young adults: Charlene Woodford, Shameez Azad, Mahbubul Alam and Priyom Das will sell advertising space while providing a social website through our online platform to users.

“SPEAKBOUT” is unlike any other social websites available to date. We offer anonymity to our users, allowing them to freely and fearlessly express their true selves. “SPEAKBOUT” has separate groups for our users’ family and friends.

Mission Statement

To provide a platform where members can be connected with family and friends while still have anonymity to express themselves freely.

Description of Business

This social site will offer free registration to its members. Users will be then able to add members to either their family or their friends circle, allowing the categorized user to view status updates that are posted to said group only unless the user’s post is open to both groups. This is a good way to avoid embarrassing posts/comments from either group, while simultaneously allowing them to express themselves freely without damaging relationships.

Our social site offers another unique experience with our Anonymous status updates and comments. This feature allows the user to post/comment his/her opinion without their family or friends knowing who they are. Users can feel more secure sharing their feelings about a bad situation without fearing repercussions. These two features are the main highlights of “SPEAKBOUT” as they cannot be found on any other social network sites available to date. Other features would include live chats, messages, photo archives, video sharing and a personal locker. There are also two (2) buttons – AWESOME and AWFUL similar to that of Facebook’s LIKE button, for every photos, videos and posts/comments.

Management Team

“SPEAKBOUT” holds a very strong management team of 4, which allows for a wide range of variety all under one roof to perform their best.
The project leader of this team is Charlene Woodford from Malaysia. She has experience working in customer relationship departments in different companies over the past ten (10) years, five (5) of which were as the lead project manager/team leader in various companies.

Programmers will be performing under the supervision and support of Shameez Azad, our programming and coding manager and our finance manager, he is from Fiji Islands and is currently undergoing his Bachelors in Accountancy at University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. He took up programming as a hobby and has been coding for the past six (6) years.
Md Mahbubul Alam from Bangladesh is our administrative manager who is on the verge of completing his management and marketing Bachelors at University Malaya. He also has a hobby of coding.

Our marketing manager is Priyom Das, also from Bangladesh has a study background of marketing from University Malaya as well. He is a true marketer and has, as some would call it an encoded promoters DNA.

Collectively, we add up the different elements in “SPEAKBOUT” from our various background and nationalities to come up with a better, more personalized experience for our users. Even though we come from different backgrounds, our mentality and drive towards this project is that of a single celled organism.


Charlene Monique Ursie Woodford ( charlenewoodford@outlook.com)

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PJS 1/52, Taman Petaling Utama
State : Petaling Jaya
Post Code : 46000
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