Special Investment Offering in IT Company. Revenue 75%, Dadang Darmawan, Indonesia

Special Investment Offering in IT Company. Revenue 75%, Dadang Darmawan, Indonesia

Project Cost: USD 50,000

Amount Invested : USD 15,000

Amount Required : USD 35,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management, sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor, as consultant

Industry: informatics / multimedia, agriculture, biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage: start-up

More Information:

We have insufficient infrastructures to accomodate human resources to develop the program.

Free distributed software & online media for health / medicine field and professionals funded by third parties through sponsorship.

The program is supported by certain pharmaceutical companies as this can be one of the their CSR program implementation. The community is absolutely open and welcome for “free things” and helping their works. Absolutely no competitor at all and this is an original concept due to those companies opinions.

We are really unique company with unique program (services / products). We create free software and online media for community funded by third parties as part of their CSR and marketing programs.

We have some existing companies commit to join and support the program. They are willing to switch some percentage of their CRS funds & marketing budget. We are now still working to find extra companies to catch our sponsorship amount target.

Programmer (web, desktop, mobile) 3 persons, Designer 1 person, Marketing 2 persons, Others 10 persons

75% of net profit with guaranteed min. 20% of investment amount revenue per year. Contract is 2 years and available to extend.

Contact Information

Dadang Darmawan ( dadang@cid.co.id)

Telephone : +62 22 61440210

Fax : +62 264 8388113

Mobile: +62 81910009071