To support the development of tourism industry, Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia offers financial assistance through Special Tourism Fund for small medium Bumiputera entrepreneurs.

The purpose is to assist tourism entrepreneurs who wish to expand or develop projects that contribute to the development of tourism industry such as tourism accommodation, tourism transportation services, tourism attraction centres, facilities and other projects related to tourism.


The rate for loan is 4.0% – 5.5% per annum.
SME Bank may change the lending rate from time to time.


The tenure of loan is within 5 to 20 years from the date of first disbursement by SME Bank and also depends on the nature of business or loan.


RM50,000 for each project or 90% of the project cost (excluding the land cost) whichever is lower.


RM25.0 million or 90% of the project cost (excluding the land cost) whichever is lower.


Financing may be obtained through direct loan, sharing loan or SME Bank syndicated loan.



Small Medium Companies with minimum Bumiputera equity of 60%.
Registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia Act 2002 or Co-operative Act 1993.
Shareholders fund is at least 20% of the loan amount but not more than RM10 million.
Existing or new enterprises are eligible to apply.

Nature of project
Projects must be located in Malaysia. All tourism projects that contribute to the development of tourism industry are eligible. Priority shall be given to the following types of projects:

i. Renovation and expansion of tourism accommodation (such as hotels, motels, chalet, lodge and rest house) and historical places
ii. Transport services related to tourism such as coach, self-driven car rental, ferry, hydrofoil boat etc.
iii. Theme park/recreation park such as floral garden, safari park and tourism integrated complexes (including renovation and landscape work).
iv. Facilities related to tourism such as restaurant which includes cultural shows, souvenirs, and hand-craft centres, duty-free shop etc.
v. Recreation equipment at tourism area such as bicycle, marine equipment, boats and others (excluding golf equipment) and equipment for Malaysian cultural groups, galleries, museums and etc.
vi. Building new hotel/resort on Bumiputera owned land or on Malay Reserve Land including at Tourism Island.
vii. Acquisition of Bumiputera owned tourism related assets or business i.e. hotels. The acquisition pricing must be valued by an authorized valuer.
viii. Working capital/ revolving capital for the tourism activities.
ix. Purchasing of land and properties for tourism is allowed but the project has to be developed within 2 years. At the time of application, the company must attach together both purchasing and the land development proposal.
x. Sports tourism tourism related course dan event management ticketing.
xi. Other sectors related to tourism as identified from time to time by the Ministry of Tourism and/ or the Bank.


Fixed assets
Working capital/ Revolving capital


Acquisition of shares
Refinance existing loan
Financing for the purchase of land only
Personal use


Application letter
Special Tourism Fund Application Form
Company Profile Shall Include:
Form 9 or Business Registration Form
Form 24(Shareholder)
Form 49 (Board of Director)
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Profile of Board of Directors, shareholders and key management personnel
Last three (3) years audited financial report and/or latest management account

Project Proposal Shall Include:

  • Detailed project costs and proposed sources of financing
  • Project feasibility study prepared by an independent consultant
  • Project implementation schedule and timeline
  • Valuation report of the project land
  • Land title /grant / contract / sale and purchase
  • Approval letter / license to develop the project from Local Authority
  • EIA report and/or Department of Environment’s approval
  • Cash flow projection including details of operating costs and key assumptions (provide soft copy)Main contractor’s profile
  • Company profile of consultants and advisors including Architect, Quality Surveyor (QS), Civil
  • Engineer, M&E Engineer, Interior Designer, Project Management Company etc
  • Details of existing bank borrowings, incorporating name of financial institutions, facilities, salient terms, securities and latest balance outstanding
  • Sufficient collateral
  • Other supporting document or relevant information specific to the proposed project (if necessary).

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Mohd Shahrizan Mohd Saad
3 years ago

Propose to construction hotel including financial facilities in penang Malaysia, on my existing land, hope to hear from you thanks you,

Mohd Shahrizan Mohd Saad