Sports Entertainment Project (First to exist in SEA Region) seeking RM25 mil

Sports Entertainment Project (First to exist in SEA Region) seeking RM25 mil

Project Cost: RM 25 Million ( + ) & ( – )

Amount Invested : n/a

Amount Required : RM 25 Million

Knowledge / Experience Required: internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Sit Back & Enjoy The Ride)

Industry: tourism / hospitality; others (Entertainment)

Project Stage: concept; start-up

Company History:

-Founder is certified by the Australia Stunt Association in 2009 as a Stunt Coordinator,Stunt Performer,Daredevil,Stuntman,Safety Officer & Physic Theorist.
-Possess a 5 year experience in Film Industry and Live Performance Show both International and Local.

Product / Service Description:

First Asia Sports Entertainment company that delivers the biggest and best, mind blowing cross platform entertainment for daredevils and risk taking wannabes in the spirit of fun, friendship and camaraderie.

Business Opportunity:

-Unrecognized Sport yet to be existed in SEA where else in Western and Europe has been running over many years successfully.
Market Size for an entertainment like this? Undeniably Huge

Revenue Model:

-Ticketing Sales
Pessimistic est: RM 6 Million
Optimistic est: RM 21 Million

-Advertising & Commercials
Pessimistic est: RM 2 Million
Optimistic est: RM 5 Million

Pessimistic est: RM 600,000
Optimistic est: RM 1.2 Million

Pessimistic est: RM 1 Million
Optimistic est: RM 3 Million

-Film Production
Pessimistic est: RM 2 Million
Optimistic est : RM 6 Million

-Skilled Talents Contracts
Pessimistic est : RM 1 Million
Optimistic est : RM 3 Million

Pessimistic Revenue : RM 12.6 Million
Optimistic Revenue : RM 39.2 Million

Management Team: Makx – Team Division Director
William – Stunt & Safety Director
Mark Andrews – Logistics Management
Lucas Patrick – Financial Management

Other Roles are at Investor’s Interest

Current Status: Selling The Idea/Concept

Funding Milestone:

-Varies on several factors
-Varies on Several Factors
-If Investor posseses an available land for the development Indoor and Outdoor facility

Business Valuation: Non disclose

Expected Return On Investment:

Pessimistic Revenue : RM 12.6 Million 20% Rate of Return
Optimistic Revenue : RM 39.2 Million 50% Rate of Return

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Western/European Entertainment Entity intends to buy over.

Exit Strategies: The investor is free to pull out anytime after Investment is fully repaid or satisfied upon agreement.


Makx (
State : Wilayah Persekutuan
Post Code : 50480
Country : Malaysia
Mobile: +60122904013