Sports Planet began its services in November 2002, responding to a need for good futsal venues, services and facilities in Malaysia. Sports Planet (Subang Jaya) was our first outlet.


Seeing a need for good futsal venues and one that provides good services and facilities in Malaysia; Sports Planet (Subang Jaya) was launched in November 2002. This project spearheaded the growth of Sports Planet futsal venues throughtout Malaysia. Within 2 years, Sports Planet saw the opening of 4 additional venues at Sunway, Shah Alam, Ampang and Alor Star. The opening of the Sports Planet (Sunway) also marked a significant milestone in the industry, it became the single, largest indoor soccer venue in Malaysia, as officially recognized by The Malaysian Book of Records. It has 11 indoor artificial thuf pitches and is situated on a 100,000 square feet sports centre in Sunway just off the Kesas Highway. Our flagship venue, Sports Planet (Ampang) also opened providing 9 futsal pitches & 8 badminton courts, including 1 International Size FIFA Approved futsal pitch. The stadium has a 400 seating spectator gallery.

To this date, Sports Planet remains the leading futsal venue brand & provider with a total of 81 indoor soccer pitches including 5 International size FIFA Approved futsal pitches, spanning a total of 15 venues of 8 states, Indonesia and Singapore.

Sports Planet was officially registered as a franchisor with the Registrar of Franchises under The Minsitry of Entrepreneur Development (Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan) early 2005, thus beginning its franchise programme. The franchise programme, launched early 2005 saw the opening of 2 new venues; Kuching and Ipoh. To date, Sports Planet has a total of 13 futsal venues nationwide including the addition of Sungai Buloh, Kuala Terengganu and Kajang to the existing list.


Sports Planet was recognized by the Malaysian Association on 19 December 2006 by being awarded the prestigious ‘Most Promising Franchisor of the Year’ and ‘Best Sales Growth’ awards.

The Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA) was formed in 1994 to support the implementation of the Government program to promote entrepreneurship through franchising. The current chairman of the MFA is Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir.

The MFA Awards Nite is a prestigious annual awards ceremony that serves to recognise companies in the forefront of the franchise industry. The judging process is strict and thorough. Nominees are reviewed based on the following four key areas governing performances and track records – Background (35%), Contribution (25%), Innovation (25%) and Implication (15%). The panel of judges comprises of MeCD, PNS, CGCm PUNB, MATRADE, NPC, SIRIM, SME Bank, BCBB and Maybank.

Our Sports Planet Executive Director Mr Wong Horr Wai stated that “the winning of these awards by Sports Planet is a clear indication that futsal is now a mainstream and well recognized sport in Malaysia.”

“Both these awards are dedicated to all Sports Planet customers, to all futsal players in Malaysia, and to the dedicated and dynamic Sports Planet team” said Mr Wong, who further added that “without all of their support, Sports Planet would not be where it is today.”

Franchisees of Sports Planet are entitled to obtain special goverment based loans that are guaranteed by Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGC). The availability of these loans make the setting up of a Sports Planet franchise venue extremely affordable and profitable.

Business Opportunity Business Opportunity Business Opportunity


Futsal is the international form of indoor soccer and is played under the banner of FIFA throughout the world by more than 25 million players. Futsal is 5-a-side version of soceer that is played indoors on a variety of surfaces. Because the sport is a great skill developer, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking and pin point passing, it is an exciting game for children as well as adults. Futsal is played with a special, low-bounce ball, necessitating players to use their skills, rather than the ball’s bounce, to propel it.

Twelve million players in over 100 countries play it throughout the world. Futsal is played on basketball sized courts, both indoor and outdoor. The game does not require the use of dasher boards as does other versions of indoor soccer; therefore, it is a very economical and safe sport. It is played with the touchline boundaries with no walls to bang the ball against. The official ball is a special low bounce ball that is heavier and smaller than an official size 5 soccer ball. The ball forces a player to use their skill rather than the ball’s bounce to propel it. It is the complete skill game. It is a game played the world round, being associated with the developing factor that created many of today’s soccer stars – as they grew through Futsal. The Brazilians attribute their world soccer success thru Futsal. Pele, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, and Robinho grew up playing Futsal and credit Futsal with developing their skills.

Futsal was introduced in Malaysia 5 years ago. Sports Planet was the pioneer of futsal in Malaysia, and one of the first to provide Futsal facilities to the public. The number of players/customers in Malaysia has definitely increased tremendously during the past 5 years making futsal one of the fastest growing business.


Sports Planet’s core business revolves around the renting of futsal pitches to the public. We also organize in house & corporate Futsal events amongst other services offered.


The founders of Sports Planet focuses on providing superb facilities at value for money prices. Together with our customer orientated service, Sports Planet strives to serve you our customer better. We are truly The Ultimate Indoor Soccer Experience!

The Sports Planet Franchise system also represents and serves all Sports Planet franchisees wuth emphases on creating, and sustaining a succeesful and profitable business whilst maintaining close relations between franchisor and franchisee.


Since August 2004, Sports Planet officially registered as a franchisor with the Registrar of Franchises under The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development (Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan) as required by the Malaysian Franchise Act 1998. As a registered franchisor with The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development, franchisees are able to secure funding from the government to start-up a Sports Planet franchise business with ease. We are constantly looking for suitable franchisees who are interested in starting a profitable and rewarding futsal business.

Sports Planet is committed to working closely with our franchisees and making sure they succeed. We will take them from the very first stey of choosing a suitable venue, obtaining funding, right through to the setting-up and running of a stable and highly profitable business. Sports Planet will also provides a comprehensive training program with a thorough documentation of the operation procedures making it easy for those who first-time futsal venue operators.


As a Sports Planet Franchisee, you will receive the following support and assistance to get your business up and running profitably:

+ Operations manual on all aspects of running the business.
+ Full consultation advice on the layout of the selected venue (pitch location, pitch size, main counter etc).
+ Cash-flow forecast with detailed costing.
+ All materials, setting-up and installations will be taken care of by Sports Planet, ensuring best prices for top quality materials.
+ Marketing advice and techniques.
+ Proprietary billing system that provides online and real-time reporting of your business.
+ Cross marketing of your venue with all other Sports Planet locations, website and in-house futsal magazine- Cross marketing via Sports Planet e-mail database (approximately 10,000 customer e-mails)
+ Cross marketing of futsal tournaments, event organizers and corporate contacts.
+ Sponsorship by ADIDAS and Revive (exact sponsorship value is subject to confirmation from these partners). Immediate partnership with all Sports Planet corporate partners such as Real Rewards, Real Madrid Supporters Club, Standard Chartered (Malaysia), Futsal de Salao Training School, English Premier League Supporters Club and more.
+ Hands-on training of managers and supervisors. Comprehensive training program and manuals to be provided.
+ And much more!


For capital investment, the following estimates are,
Depending on number of pitches, RM450,000 – RM850,000


The Sports Planet franchise business is a cash business that is highly profitable! Your capital investment should be recouped (payback on capital) within 12 – 18 months depending on the business generated at your venue.


The general rule of thumb requirements for futsal venue are:

7,500 square feet per pitch. Eg. 4 pitches will require a 30,000 square feet venue. 5 pitches will require a 37,500 square feet venue.
Ceiling height of venue : Minimum of 20 feet. The higher the better.
Flat cement floor.

Good location that is easily accessible and nearby residential areas.
Warehouse/Building rental rate of between RM0.70 to RM0.90 per square feet. The lower the rental rate the better.

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Zulkeflee Katimin
1 year ago

How much turnover can a franchisee make annually?

Zulkeflee Katimin
1 year ago

What kind of royalty & the franchising fees.