Stable Job VS Volatile Business

Stable Job VS Volatile Business

This is an article that talks about my life and the reasons why I choose to start a volatile business instead of getting a stable job. This is one of the hottest questions that most people around asked me.

PS: I’m not trying to be offensive but I just want to share what I think so you can know me better.;)

I Rejected My University Even Though I’m a Matriculated Student

One of the biggest decisions that I had made in my life was rejecting my university offers and running a business for my mentor. Many of my friends, relatives and family members are feeling shock with my decision. But I don’t explain my reason clearly to every one of them.

Lately, some of my parent’s old friends came and visited us. As usual, they asked about my occupation and my job. As a reply, I told them that I am running business when I was 19, the age that I should go to the university. Again, I can feel the shocking level from their face. According to them, people should go to the university and get a high pay job. But I choose different path for my life and choose something that so volatile and hard to control – business, which they think is too risky.

Yes, for some people this might be risky and too tough. But for me, getting a job is too tough for me. So today I would like to share some of my thoughts on both stable job and volatile business and why I made such a decision to choose the different path from others.

What can I get from a Stable Job?

Studying hard in school, getting a good results and applying a high paying stable job were used to be my main goal in life. However, everything changed after I know there is the other path to choose – financial freedom.

Here are a few points that I think a “stable job” will not give me:

Freedom. I love freedom and my definition on freedom is I can choose to do whatever I enjoy, at any time without worry about anything. Since I was a student, I hate and lazy to go to school. Well, this is not because I don’t like studying. Instead, I hate I have to attend a place (school) at a certain time (morning-evening) without any choices (everybody is doing!). I just feel like I am lack of choices and controls on my time and of course make me feel like I am lack of freedom. So if I get a job, I will repeat what I was doing in school and this will be a nightmare for me.

1 million dollars. Yes, I know there are some high paying jobs that can let me make 1 million from salary. However, I know that I’m not that kind of smart guy who can be so success in the corporate ladder. I know I’m not the smart kid that can compete with trillions of people and get to post of high paying job. So I have no choice but I have to choose the other way which has more chances for me.

Holidays. Yes, I love holidays. I wish to spend my time in holidays until I feel boring with it. So Let see, can I get a very long holiday from a job? Maybe, 6 months of holiday? I don’t think I can get it if I have a high paying job. For me, a high paying job means you have a high position and handle some very important tasks for your boss’s business. That’s mean you cannot simply make decision that you want to take a 6 months holiday. Am I right? I don’t know. But this is the working world that I can see.

Security. Many people think that getting a job is stable and safe and starting a business is risky. But I think the other way. According to what I saw in this world, I think that it is very dangerous to let your income depends on your job. This is too risky for me that my income is depending on others’ business which I cannot do anything on it. If a boss cannot manage his/her business very well, then I will lose my income source. Besides that, the income from a job is limited but the living costs are unlimited. Yes your income is limit but the living costs can be raised to any level.

How about Volatile Business?

When I heard the words “volatile”, I also feel uncertain and worry. So you can imagine why people are so afraid with business. Yes, it is hard to control the feeling of uncertain and worry but this doesn’t change my mind on business.

Here is what I know that a business can give me:

1. The unlimited income. One of the rewards from “volatile” is your business income is unlimited. Of course, this will depend on how your business grows and etc. But at least it has the potential to grow higher than the average wages. So this can be a source of excessive cash for my financial freedom plan.

2. Time Freedom. A business can let me take a long holiday without have to worry about my income. When I say this to my friend, they always fight back and argue with me that they saw a lot of bosses are busy and can’t leave their business. Yes, I also saw this kind of bosses before but for me, they are not running a business, instead they are self-employed. A true business will come with system, a system that will run on itself to generate money for you. So being a true business owner, you don’t really have to worry and spend your whole time in the business. Instead you can do anything that you like to. How I know this? Because I saw this kind of businessman in my life.

3. The bigger contribution to society. I always admire at those successful business owners. They are great that they build up a system and eventually supply so many occupation opportunities to people. I always can see that a strong and big business can easily take care of thousands of family as there are thousands of people working in that 1 business. Don’t you think that it is great to have a business that can help people in life?

Conclusion: Both Job and Business are risky

Actually both getting a job and starting a business are risky. You have the risk to lose your high paying job and also fail in your business. It is only about how you can stand up and continue the journey. You can find and get another high paying job after losing a job or start another new business with your new experience. You never fail as long as you don’t give up.