Project Cost: RM300k

Amount Invested : RM10k

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time

Industry: internet

Company Current Status: Concept / Business Plan


Company History: Limited Piece are a small start up business that start by selling pre loved bags where we believe we can educate women to sustain their in come be selling off unused bags. We believe by doing this we will do good to people by educating women and as the business running, our eyes open with a concrete guideline and concept to widen our target market by adding to sell natural beauty products and make up with a catchy minimal packaging. We still want to maintain our concept of creating People and Planet Positive to give positive impact to the world, selling easy, Affordable and Attractive beauty and make up products. We want to sell products that is beautiful, functional, affordable, natural in ingredients and no animal tested on the products.

Product / Service Description: Giving accessibility to society to reach out or buy international natural products that can lead to educate society to be concern on hygienic and taking care of oneself. As for the handbag segment with provide a service where luxury collector can buy/sell their goods to sustain the use bags and make money.

Business Opportunity: To bring and sells limitless natural international product that is affordable with minimal catchy packaging that will attract the target market. From my research Malaysia society especially urban society are very concern with their look and their health. We look at this opportunity as its the best timing to introduce to market that any one can owned and use natural product without to spend so much as Limited Piece will bring the best affordable products.

Revenue Model: By targeting women age 19-30 who are aware of taking care of their skins by using natural ingredients. Women that loves make up and make an effort to pay expensive product from overseas. Limited Piece bring the solution for the audience by bringing independent natural beauty and make up product where shipping cost doesn’t cost a bomb

Management Team: As we are a start up company there are only two people that working in Limited Piece, Founder take the role as expanding ideas and moving forward by creating guide line and concept of the company also looking for investors that see this as a sustainable business. The second person in this company is brand development, this department responsible to look for clients that carry natural beauty and make up product with minimal packaging concept that goes align with our company concept. We will be hiring three more people who is in charge in marketing sector,admin sector and social media expert.

Current Status: We are now waiting for investors who are willing to invest in our company to make us move forward by buy buying products, design on packaging, finding shipping method, a place where we can call office since we only working from home right now. Once the money is in we going to start with what I have stated above and also invest in marketing strategy that we have plan also hiring in house marketing department as well as admin and social media expert. We would love to have the funding by the end of October or early November as we are now stuck at web development, purchasing product and a lot more.

Funding Milestone: Limited Piece need an initial capital of 100k as a start. This is including to purchase products, investing in marketing, packaging designing, web designing development, branding development, shipping method and such. This fund also will be used to pay the office/showroom rent and also office equipment and machinery. This also for us to use in renovating purposes to make it easier fro the customers to try on product samples. This is one of a ways for us to attract our audience by gaining their trust. This also include to pay employees salary.

Business Valuation: as a starter we need 200k which we have been applying to SME Bank. We need funding from angel investors to move to the next stage which is designing website, branding development, hiring marketing team and making order from the supplier cost around Ringgit Malaysia 20k. We are planning to give the equity between 10%-20%

Expected Return On Investment: The expected rate of return from the investors will be around 10%-20% and of course we would want to put lower as we are now depending on bank loans and angels investors for our business. We would increase from 10% to 20% as the business growth well and maintain a stable revenue every month.

Investment Risk and Mitigation: The risks of the business are only that we arent able to reach our target market. Hence, this will be overcome once we have received the fund by investing in marketing activities to reach our target market and expose the brands that we carry to society. This business has a huge potential of success as we have less competitor to the market and also we are bringing new products and ideas to tackle the Malaysian market.The product are assured that it will be fast selling.Based on our research Malaysian consumer are now very particular with the beauty and make up that they are using. This will give us a competitive edge over our competitors to dominate the market.

Exit Strategies: Why we named our company “Limited Piece” is because we want to bring in limited products from beauty product, make up, handbags and sneakers that is not in Malaysia market yet. We want to be the first website that selling this products and expose to Malaysian market. We have fashion and beauty that purely sells clothes,shoes and other brands that we can easily get from a mall, Limited piece want to expose more products to Malaysia market and only us are selling this kind of products the only way to make it happen is by believing in what people dont believe. We would appreciate and create a long relationship with our angel investors to build up more and bigger company.

Contact Person

Soffia Shazana Binti Mohamad Soffi

Company Name: Limited Piece
Postal Address : 0597 Jalan J14 Fasa 6
Taman Melawati
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 53100
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : +60132669084
Mobile: +60132669084

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