Stone Quarry operations in Peninsular Malaysia

Stone Quarry operations in Peninsular Malaysia

Project Cost: RM2,500,000

Amount Invested : RM1,000,000

Amount Required : RM2,500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

energy / natural resources
industry products

Project Stage:
early expansion


Company History:

Our company has been awarded with a 30 years concession (ending 2043) by a state government to operate on a stone quarry to facilitate the state government infrastructure, development programs and their land reclaim projects with a guaranteed products buy-back from the government and open to those in contruction industry players.

Product / Service Description:

The quarry are generally used for extracting building materials, such as dimension stone, construction aggregate, sand, and gravel

Business Opportunity:

With 30years concession on this project and continuos products demand from the state government and other industry players, this is a low risk project.

Revenue Model:

All products produced from the quarry are contractualy bound to be sold back to the state government. However there is no restriction for the company to sell the same to other buyers mainly those from constuction industry.

Current Status:

All initials administrative are completed pending full operations.

Funding Milestone:

Our company has invested approx RM1mil in this project. Additonal funds are sort solely for operational purposes. With the additonal funds, the operation would start immediately.

Business Valuation: We are offering a ratio of 20:40:40(Investor).

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

This is state government project approved by the state via its investment GLC company. Investor(s) are welcome to view and evaluate all related approval papers and documentation related to this project including a site visit to the said quarry location.

Exit Strategies:

This is a long term investment. However subject to futher discussions, investor do has the option to exit after 12 months.