STORMS (Store Management System) seeking RM200K

STORMS (Store Management System) seeking RM200K

Project Cost: RM350,000

Amount Invested : RM150,000

Amount Required : RM200,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as consultant

Industry: informatics / multimedia

Project Stage: others (promotion and marketing)


Company History:

Both of us came from an IT industries since 1993. My core experience area are in the IT hardware, from proprietary to an open system and IT communication equipment. I have been an entrepeuner in the IT industries for more than 10years. My partner was a hardcore programmer, system analyst and project manager. He were involved with application development for a few big government accounting system projects.

Product / Service Description:

Our product is an application software called STORMS (Store Management System). It is a better version of an average inventory software. It really helps small to medium businesses and organization to manage their office procument and it offer full control of stock that being utilized by staff as well as forecast procument budget.

Business Opportunity:

STORMS solve problem for business or organization whom Without any software to manage their store, common store problems such as fail to find items, overstock items, unwanted items, expired item, urgently needed items not available can definetely be solved. However even with an average inventory system, which does not have features to provide up to date stock in store, it cannot control items taken out from the store, who requested it? what item is most requested and by whom?, which department or section utilize the most a particular item and how much they consume per month or per year? STORMS which is rich in features takes care all the problem a store can have.
With STORMS 26 detail reports pertaining the store transaction is included.

Revenue Model: via STORMS sales

Management Team: Yet to be set up

Current Status: Initial phase of promotion and marketing

Funding Milestone: Will be dislosed during briefing

Business Valuation: 20% – 30% option. Will be dislosed during briefing

Expected Return On Investment: n/a

Investment Risk and Mitigation: n/a

Exit Strategies: 3 years or 2 + 2 years. Will be dislosed during briefing


Kamarulzaman (
Company Name: Zaman Tech