Project Cost: MYR 25,000

Amount Invested :

Amount Required : MYR 25,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time, others (Investor only)

Industry: internet; consulting; biotechnology / healthcare; others (Life Coaching)

Project Stage: start-up
Information Memorandum:

LIFE COACHING IS ONE OF THE MOST LUCRATIVE BUSINESSES EVER. PERIOD. People are constantly looking for information on how to better their lives especially in these current uncertain times. Demand for life coaching and information products is exploding.


SUPER HUMAN – A Breakthrough System and Comprehensive Program to produce Outstanding Health (Loose Weight, Lower Cholesterol, Cure High BP, Rid off Diabetes, turn-around any disease under the sun. ), Outstanding Career, Financial Abundance, Outstanding Relationships, Guaranteed!


Super Human™ is a revolutionary SYSTEM and Technology encapsulated in a comprehensive online coaching program designed to help people completely turn around their lives in every major area which is Health, Career, Relationships, Family and Overall Fulfillment and Happiness by providing training, coaching and step by step action plan via a private membership online portal.

Super Human™ provides detailed information on the working mechanism of nature, life and the universe, a step by step action plan for the client to follow, software to measure, monitor and record progress and much more.

Clients are sold access to the online membership portal and receive weekly training Videos, that provide information as well as the detailed action that the client needs to take for that week. Training media used in the portal is mainly Pre-recorded Video yet, PDF transcripts and audio are also featured in some parts of the program.
In addition, clients also experience live webcasts through our exclusive internet TV channel as well as Live Offline events which are a part of the program. Personal and group coaching is also available as a part of the system to those clients who wish to have more value out of their investment.

The entire program is divided in 8 Phases and covers Diet, Exercise, Emotional Mastery, Mental Programing, Stress Management, Meditation, Spiritual Connection, Purpose Discovery, Value Creation, Wealth Creation, Mind Training, Muscle toning and body building and a whole lot more.

Coaching program will be created and run by Thomas Adams and his team of Trainers/Experts who will be training the SYSTEM.

Super Human™ is a fully owned copyrighted content of The Thomas Adams Experience.
Super Human™ is considered as independent publishing material.
As of now, Super Human™ is a purely INFORMATION BASED PRODUCT.

Revenue Streams:

1.One-time purchase to access each coaching phase of the program.
USD29.90 (RM100) to USD997 (RM3000) per phase of the program
Online Membership Portal Access for on-going training.
Monthly Membership Fee of USD19 (RM60).
2. Partner Sales Commissions (Physical, Digital Products).
3. Software and Mobile Apps for Health Monitoring and Life Management.
4. Live Webcasts.
5. Live Events/Seminars.
6. Speaking Engagements.
7. Private Coaching/Consulting. (One-on-one coaching, group coaching).
8. Mastermind Programs. (Premier Membership Clubs).
9. Corporate Training.
10. Merchandise.
11. Endorsements.
12. Sponsorships.

There are NO HARD GOODS associated as of now. However, because using hard goods like supplements etc. are an integral part of getting results from the program, we will be getting into private labels or joint ventures to provide hard goods to clients via an online shoppe.

NOTE: Complete biz plan and description video already prepared. Please contact me for more info.

Contact Information:

Thomas Adams (

Telephone : 03 4031 2874

Mobile: 60172005989