Total Funding Required: RM300,000

Investor’s Knowledge & Experience Required: other (None.)

Proposed Investor’s Involvement: others (Strategic Partner)

Business Development Stage: start-up

Industry: agriculture, biotechnology / healthcare



The objective of this paper is to seek funding from any interested party

1-To invest in the setting up of the first swiftlet bird house or ‘Rumah Burung Walit’ (“RBW”) on a designated 2-acre land of which the land owner has given his agreement in principal and of which the location has been sighted by SNC and the land owner.

2-To create a one stop centre for ‘Walit’ Industry in the district of Tumpat by

(a)starting to venture into the upstream sector i.e. ranching sector of the Walit industry;
(b) by creating the bird house complex that will ensure the sustainability of the bird nest supply to SNC bird nest processing centre (downstream Walit industry)

Strategic Rationale

SN Canarium Sdn Bhd (“SNC”) has completed a 6 month research on the industry and it is proven from the import export data and the support from Government i.e. the setting up of Walit Unit in each state and Walit as part of Economic Transformation Programme, that this industry is never a ‘sunset’ industry.

SNC has indentified that the main reasons why many earliers venturers into this industry failed is due to one reason only that is they did not have the knowledge and they did not know how to get the access to the knowledge. As such they had to rely solely on CONsultant. With the knowledge that ranges from the requirement in the design of the bird house and up to the nature of the swiftlet, SNC can avoid the previous fail path that some venturers had gone to.

Strategic Partnership to be set up between

1) SNC as Mudharrib i.e Entrepreneurial Company that has the knowledge and access to strategic land and established a good rapport with the state’s Walit Unit and PBT; AND
2) Rabbul Maal as fund contributor.

Note: Other important parties are DSV, PBT, Designer & Contractor.

Payback period is between 3 to 5 years. ROI is 200% and above after bird house is full.

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