Current Status Growth
Amount Invested Rm1,000,000.00
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Swiftlet Bird Nest House Farming is a good business plan for the investor to invest as this business is a growth business and profitable in just 3 years and the profit will increase as the year increase.Plus, this business has a big market especially in China.Furthermore, what my company mission is to become the world no.1 bird nest supplier.What we need is just an investor that could help us to build 100 houses of Swiftlet Bird Nest House Farming in which 1 house cost 65,000.00(Ringgit Malaysia).
Business Opportunity By doing this project we could solve the demand of the China country on Swiftlet Bird Nest by become their number 1 supplier.
Revenue / Business Model This project will give profit after 3 year of operation in which the production of each houses has reach 10kg per month ,and 1kg of production can be sold in RM3000.
.So let’s say :
100houses×10kg=1000kg(per mth)
1000kg×Rm3000.00=Rm3,000,000.00(per mth)
In which in a year the profit we could generate will be Rm36,000,000.00.
Management Team Our company management team consist of three . First the Management team ,this team will handle the all the documentation.Second, is the maintenance team ,this team will do the maintenance of the houses such as harvesting the production and checking the houses.Third,is our Sales and marketing team in which this team will look for a sale of our product.
Company Background Our company has been in this industry for 10 years since 2006 and we have seen the opportunity of this industry and it is profitable.Plus our company has been dealing with 3 international company and we act as a consultant and a construction company.Our company has make a profit of Rm5,000,000.00 for act as a consultant and construction company in this Bird Nest Swiftlet Farming industry.
Funding Milestone Our company seeking an investment of Rm6.5mil-Rm7mil .This investment we will use to build the 100 houses as the cost of 1 house is Rm65,000.00 .And we only need 3 years to get the investment money back and a big profit.
% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 15℅
Company Name Gerak Borneo
Business Address Wisma Khoo ,Floor 9, Room906 ,Sandakan,Sabah,Malaysia.
Contact Person Datu Mohd Nurilham