Swiftlet Farming

Swiftlet Farming

Swiftlet Farming Investment is a ONE-time investment and you can reap the increasing profits for several generations. Your investment will be double secured as you invest in not just the farm but the property as well. It is a double investment. Either type of investment will fetch you good returns.

In Swiftlet Farming Investment, you don’t have to face the headache of managing staff or workers and servicing customers or entertain suppliers. No office working hours, meeting, piles of paper work, frequent travels etc. You can enjoy your life with no stress, no worry, no anxiety and pressure and yet you can afford a luxury life style and travel around the world for holidays.

Below show Income base on lowest yield record (which is half of good yield record). For a 20ft x 80ft double storey bird house

Operating Income Birds Count Nest Build RM
First year Call 100 Birds to stay in and it multiply 3 times a year
Second year 400 birds 200 RM 7,000.00
Third Year x 3 1600 birds 800 28,000.00
Fourth year x 3 6400 birds 3200 112,000.00
Fifth Year x 3 25600 birds 12800 448,000.00
Sixth year and so on x 3 x 3 x 3

Operating Expenses RM
Electricity & Water per month 50.00
Misc _50.00
Total Expenses per month 100.00 only

Investment method

1) Build a permanent Swiftlet house on your own land
2) Use our demountable house which can be re located to any place in future and if you
decide not to continue with the business, we offer to resell the deountable house for you.
3) Convert your premises, such as shop lots, houses, or warehouse to a swiftlet house.
4) rent a swiftlet house from Artbuilders for trial basis.

We can train you to manage your own Swiftlet Farm, but in the case where you are
only interested in the investment, we can manage the farm for you base on long term
contract of profit sharing basis.