Project Cost: ~RM1.5mil

Amount Invested : ~RM10k

Amount Required : ~RM1.5mil

Knowledge / Experience Required: other (Gaming)

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time, part-time

Industry: informatics / multimedia, others (Gaming)

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

I have a background in the engineering field and a decade over of experience in software/application programming. This is my first attempt to develop a massive multiplayer online game, I’ve worked for several small individual teams developing other games beforehand. Basically the team and company that I plan to manage will be completely fresh.

Product / Service Description:

T.O.M. of Tome of Midas is a multiplayer card game catered to anyone in the world no matter the race, gender, or age. It will be made available in all possible languages. The game will be designed in a manner that it will encapsulate various forms of existing concepts plus new ones which are completely unique.

Business Opportunity:

To delve into the opportunity, one must understand the current available card games that are in the market, hence it is not the ideal place to write it in this column. In summary, the new features and functionality that my game will provide is definitely beyond what these games can offer at this point in time. As for the market size, there are literally hundreds of millions of players who are obsessed with puzzle/card related games. The amount of people who will be captured will only increase as time passes when people get more exposure.

Revenue Model:

The game is a FTP (free to play) however there are plenty of additional cosmetics, card packs, tournament tickets, etc. which will be the main revenue for the business.

Management Team:

At the moment, I’m the sole founder and manager of the team that comes along with my other artist and freelance programmer.

Current Status:

Currently the game is at its initial stage, in software term, it can be described as in the Alpha stage. Investment to date comes solely from online contributions and some small private contributors. It isn’t much and that is why we are seeking for investors who are truly interested in making this game a success with us. There is currently no revenue or profit as of yet.

Funding Milestone:

The funding can roughly be divided to several phases:

1. The initial sum will be used to procure the necessary components and hire related professionals. Besides then that, it will also be used to sustain all of our related expenses while developing the game.

2. More procurement will be done on equipment. Equipment such as servers and other related peripherals will be used during our closed beta testing and other debugging/security testing.

3. In this phase, it will enable us to advertise our game and expand out closed beta participants before moving up to the open beta phase.

4. The last phase would allow us to properly launch our game in the open beta phase and then to the final phase which is the launching of product itself.

Business Valuation: Negotiable

Expected Return On Investment:

200%~ or even more depending on the exposure of the game.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Basically the risk is extremely minimal as the investment figures are not overwhelmingly expensive. The servers needed to sustain the game is not very costly plus, the overhead cost associated with maintenance and other issues are very small as well. Even if the game does not reach the projected market size or audience, by time it will most definitely cover up the initial investment. There are no mitigating factors considered as of now as I’m confident that T.O.M. will be a success.

Exit Strategies: Negotiable


William Ong (
Company Name: Private / Chronicle Games
State : Selangor
Post Code : 43000
Country : Malaysia
Website :
Mobile: 60172872376


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