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CAPITAL.com.my offers you to advertise / post your profile and/or investment proposal in our website in exchange for your payment of fees (if applicable) and your agreement to accept and comply with the terms, conditions, and notices stated here and as may be modified by CAPITAL.com.my from time-to-time in its sole discretion without notice to you.

Before posting your offer on this site it is the responsibility of the principals of the company or individual to clear the posting with a competent professional / attorney to be certain that they are in compliance with Malaysia law and company/business regulations.

By submitting an offer to us you agree to accept the success or failure of your posting without any litigation against CAPITAL.com.my.

You agree that all the information submitted by you is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and judgments and undertake to fully responsible for any false and/or incorrect information submitted by you.

CAPITAL.com.my reserves the right to refuse and remove any database entry or posting we deem unsuitable and to make minor and cosmetic changes to your database record or posting in order to conform it to the style and format established for the service.

Registration Agreement

To receive any information about our members – which is commercially sensitive, ENTREPRENEUR and INVESTORS must register with us and complete our registration forms. By completing the Registration form you agree to the following:

I acknowledged that all the information on my submission / registration is true and correct. I have not withheld any information which could adversely affect the integrity of CAPITAL.com.my and its staff.

I agree not to pass referrals on to non-members without advising Global Bridge Management Sdn Bhd (the administrator of CAPITAL.com.my). I understand that all the terms and conditions apply to these referrals.

I undertake to keep confidential any information given to me about members registered with CAPITAL.com.my. I understand that members may require me to sign additional non disclosure documents.

I agree to supply feedback about meeting with other members. I also agree to notify CAPITAL.com.my should any of my details change.

I understand that referrals are made only if posting match, that there is no guarantee of a successful outcome. I also understand that after referral all negotiations are between the parties involved; CAPITAL.com.my has no responsibility beyond referring people to each other except to process and monitor feedback as agreed.


As a business matching platform, we cannot FIND (in the strict sense of the word) another person. We can only work with those who register with us; Our task is to manage this central database and match the listings as they become available; we are not responsible to verify the authenticity of the Entrepreneurs or the Investors.

We cannot estimate the likely degree of success or the time it would take to find the right match. Our years of experience have shown that each situation is unique.

We can only suggest that people meet each other. We cannot make them meet each other and we cannot make them like each other. We do not claim to be able to refer certain numbers of contacts to each other; we would compromise our standards by doing so. We cannot be responsible for the choices people make.

We have “checks and balances” in the system by asking people to give us feedback. The effectiveness of the database is enhanced when we know why people do not want to meet each other or why people do not wish to proceed to the next stage.

We work with files until matches occur and we cannot estimate the time this may take. Our database changes constantly. For some it is hours, for some it is months and for others longer periods of time are necessary. If our members ask us to stop working with their file before we have presented them with the right match their fees are held in credit. Files can be reopened and updated so that matching can resume. There can be no refund of fees paid.

The information presented on this website shall be used at your own risk. CAPITAL.com.my and its administrator, Global Bridge Management Sdn Bhd shall not be liable for any claims, damages or related expenses or liabilities, including but not limited to incidental, consequential, special, general or punitive damages, arising from an actual or potential venture with, investment in or business financing arrangement with any user who list their venture with CAPITAL.com.my.

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