Thailand Bio Oil & Renewable Energy Investment

Thailand Bio Oil & Renewable Energy Investment

Project Title

Bio Crude Oil Refinery & Activated Carbon, LMB

Finance Request

USD$2,500M , Each BREIZ Basic Cost Is $115M, cover land 1,600ha +

LOAN : Interest Rate 5.0-7.0% and Start Repay Term 2-10 years.
Joint Venture : 20 years/average $125M , JV Get Profit Sharing 10%

Deposit 3% [$75M] at K9GB’s Account for K9GB’s Business Partners/Land Lord

Principles : Plantation Hybrid BAMBOO As The Bio Feedstock For Renewable Energy Plants

Annual Income [Exclude Drinking Water, Bio Fertilizer, Carbon Credit 15% annual income]

o Estimated Annual Income $74,577M [2,282,056MB], annual increase 10% onwards.

o Costing Operation $4,000M , Profit Before Tax $70,577M [2,159,656MB/year].

o Taxation 30% pay $21,173M, From 9-20 years under BOI exempt 8 years.

o Net profit $49,404M [1,511,759MB] x 20 Years = $988,078M [30,235,187MB]

o Joint Venture gain Profit Sharing [PS] 6-10% is $4,940M /year x 20 years=> $98,808M

Phai Kim Zung : Bambusa Bacheeyana The Greatest Biomass Of Humanity and Earth !! Why Biomass Must be PKZ in next future ? 16 Reasons , Right Biomass

1. Low cost plantation,
2. Most fast growing,
3. Easy to Take Care,
4. Edible Sweet Shoot,
5. Plentiful seedlings,
6. Thick walled canes,
7. Able cut after 2 years ++,
8. Re Growing 1-2 months,
9. 108 Usefulness in Artisan,
10.Highest heat colorific values charcoal,
11.Canes 1,400 tone/ha,
12.Seedling 65,000 pc/ha,
13.Sweet shoot 20tones/ha,
14.Income > 60 times of Rice growing, real lowest cost.
15.No need chemical insecticide, just need bio fertilizer, water form good man only.
16. Bamboo is bright future to solve Global Warming Crisis, Solve Poverty of Humanity.

Estimated basic funding needs 3,100 MTB [$100M], from investment joint venture and Loan will used for A& B Zone. Project will have Operation Cost 3,600 MTB [$117M]. Net Profit from Full Operation 25,336 MTB [$827M], we will pay taxation is 30% around 10,858 MTB [$354M] per year. Project will have Thai Farmer and Network 84,000 persons cooperation sustainable long live 50 years.

Return As Great Profitability 20 years is 1,464,949 MTB or $47,874M. . Break Even Point 2,181 MTB [$71M], mean within first year we can freedom. . Pay Back Period 1st year project will run full capacity, 8 plants get max income. . Internal Rate Return/IRR at end 2030 is 713% of 158,194 MTB [$5,169M], . Net Present Values at finished project 207,195 MTB [$6,771M].