The Best Water You Can Drink – Structured Water!

The Best Water You Can Drink – Structured Water!

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM20,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Our mission is to take water consumption to a new level with a Dynamic Vortexing Device called a Structured Water Unit. This unit allows water to flow through it in a repeated geometric form that revitalises water (from any source) into structured water ie. water in perfect balance. Structured water is water that is energetically neutralized of all toxin that is attached to water molecules. By this we do no mean physical toxin. That can be filtered using water filtration systems currently sold in the market. Structured water is also energitically enhanced with life giving properties (bio-photon energy), super hydration, increased oxygen, increased nutrient absorption and more.
This is a new technology for our Malaysian market and many part of the world.
Business Opportunity Our Problem:
Water (which has been taken for granted for far too long) is not good enough for our body.
Water has been scientifically proven to have memory. Therefore the water we consume today (even purified bottled water) is riddled with pharmaceutical energies, trauma, toxic energies, and even all the negative energy from where ever it came from and of those who it has passed through!

Our Opportunity:
Malaysian Statistics 2014 states that 45.4% of 7.4 million households in Malaysia owns some form of water filter. These are consumers that are concern about the quality of water that they consume. This statistics are equivalent to 3.36 million households.
Our market is everyone who consumes water, industries that uses water in production, agriculture and livestock industry.
We currently have NO COMPETITORS.
A healthy population contributes to a more productive & wealthier nation!

Revenue / Business Model We will adopt a Unilevel Profit Sharing Plan using distributors to help market our product.
We strongly know that this is the most efficient method for our product to reach as many Malaysian in as short a time as possible.

If we target only 1% of the 3.36 million households per annum ie.3,360 households, we are projecting a net revenue of RM27.5 million.

Management Team Our management team consist of individuals that have a combined business experience of 50 years in the water industry, floriculture, nutrition, networking and multilevel marketing.
We also have a consultant who has 20 years of experience and is still in the water industry.
Company Background We just started our business in early September 2016. Invested about Rm20,000. Distributing only to friends, family and referrals on a small scale.

We need the funding to execute our marketing plan.

Funding Milestone We are asking for a funding of RM500,000.
Purpose of funding for 1st year of operations.
1) Operational Expenditure
2) Promotional Eependiture to educate on the benefits of this new technology
3) Distribution Expenditure to reach as many consumers as possible
4) Initial Purchase Of Stock to support distribution
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI At least 10% per annum
Exit Strategies We plan to open new markets with partnerships in Indonesia, Phillipines and Thailand.
Company Name IFC Resources
Business Address Lake Edge, Bandar Metro Puchong,

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Rita Ramachandran Posted on4:46 pm - 18/05/2020

Hi – can i buy structured water from you for now? I require this for my meditation and DNA Activation program. Please contact me at 012-2477167